Weaning just got easier….!

Whilst I was out shopping last week I was having a nosey down the baby isle in my local superstore to see if there was anything I needed for my little weaning adventure. Blake was 6 months old on Saturday and seen as he was 10lb 13oz when he was born, you won’t be surprised to hear that I had to start weaning him a little earlier than 6 months, as the current government health guidelines state. Either that or I was looking to invest in a diary cow : )

We made the decision to start weaning him early as he was constantly hungry and so I read a fair few weaning books in preparation and took the leap 5 weeks ago. Lets just say, Blake took to it like a duck to water, I couldn’t believe how easily he grasped the technique and adapted to the different textures. Since that day I have made all of his meals using the Beaba babycook (Godsend I might add) and he eats like a king.

So, whilst noseying down the baby isle, a bright orange package caught my eye, it was a brand named KOKO and the contents were food pouches. Let me just say that this is another genius invention that you simply need to have if like me, you cook all of your own delicious baby food and store it in the freezer. They’re simply fantastic, you get 10 empty pouches that you can fill, freeze, defrost, wash and re-use. Superb!


Just to make this brand even more special, you can also buy the food pouch spoons which attach to the nozel of the pouch making meal times whilst on the go simple and effective.


Picture 21
I invested in one of each of these and I will never look back, I’d recommend them til the cows come home! Plus they are so much more cost-effective than the food brands you can buy in pouches, saving you money along the way!

Sheer brilliance!

Visit http://www.koko-innovates.com the pouches are priced at £ 4.99 and the spoons complete with travel case from £4.49

with love Gemma & Blake x