Silver Cross Surf Review

ESZWQRCLFYVAXGFYI have the award-winning Silver Cross Surf Pram in Lime Green and so I thought it would be a great idea to let you know what I think to it. I must say when we were choosing a pram I found it quite overwhelming, there is so much choice and its pretty hard choosing a pram and colour option for an unborn baby, especially when you don’t know the sex!

After plenty of viewings and trials of various brands we decided to go with the Silver Cross Surf. Our reasons for this were the light weight chassis, the babynest-which provides a luxury padded lie flat surface for your newborn baby without the added expense of a carry cot, the essentials pack which contains a reversible seat liner, parasol, rain cover, sunshade and cup holder and the zesty lime colour option. Basically this pram had everything we were looking for.

We were also really lucky because at the time of purchasing the retailer were offering a half price maxi-cosi car seat and so we decided to go for the pebble because it is snug for baby, includes removable support pillow, harness pads and integrated sun canopy, one-pull harness adjustment, and a ‘Easy out’ harness-which stays open to get baby in and out of seat in seconds.

I must say I’m not disappointed with the surf, like any pram, once you start using them day-to-day you soon realise that you would change little things but on the whole its a great travel system. My only comments would be that it is a little clumsy on the front wheel drive, I personally think the wheels need to be sturdier to drive the pram. I would also like to see the round basket made larger as the it looks far more stylish than the new square version and there isn’t much room between the base of the seat and the basket itself, making it more difficult getting things in and out.

If I was to offer one piece of advice it would definitely be the following: rather than buying the carrycot invest your hard-earned pennies in the iso-fix family fix base. It really is a god send and makes life so much easier when getting baby in and out of the car. Do some research on pricing because we bought our iso-fix from Mothercare and made good use of their price match promise. In the end we paid £119.00 instead of £160.00 which I thought was a bargain and its the best thing we’ve bought!

with love Gemma


blues and bows are snowed under too : )

Netmums Blog

Love the snowLittle feet pitter patter speedily along the landing and your bedroom door bursts open and little voices cry….‘LOOK…It’s SNOWING!!!!!’.

It’s a brilliant way to be woken (well, as long as it’s not stupid O’clock). Even as you lie in bed before opening the curtains to see the snowflakes for yourself everything sounds different and feels different as snow wraps a blanket round the garden and the streets. It’s not hard to feel a bit of magical childish excitement inside when you see the snow.

Even if you hadn’t looked out of the window you can’t have missed the fact that it is snowing this week as there are a plethora of Facebook updates to tell you it is!.

Many of Team Netmums have been out enjoying the winter wonderland. One meeting was interrupted by our editor rushing out to make a snowman (for a photo for the site you…

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Breast feeding must haves….

breastFeed_thumbAfter finding out that I was expecting our first child, I never confirmed how I was going to feed until the very last-minute. I remember when Chloë had given birth to Elodie and there appeared to be a community of professionals preaching about breast-feeding but failed to give the adequate support she required to effectively breast feed her baby. Lets face it, we all know breast is best but as a new mum you cannot prepare for the unknown and we rely on these professionals to prepare, guide and support us.

My first experience of breast-feeding was at our ante-natel class and it consisted of an individual talking to the group about breast-feeding whilst demonstrating using a knitted boob (Yes knitted!) and a doll weighing no more than a pound. She talked through techniques and positioning and it lasted for no more than 30 minutes. The reality is, unfortunately we don’t have knitted boobs, dolls don’t suckle, knitted boobs don’t have nerves or feeling and babies unless in extreme circumstances do not weigh a pound, stay still and feed easily especially in the beginning. Even though this provided me with a basic understanding about breast-feeding it certainly did not prepare me for what was to come.

I decided to breast feed as I wanted to give my son the best start and lets just say it is the hardest thing in the world but once you master it and break through the discomfort it’s easy, cost-effective and more importantly the best form of nourishment your baby can get. I can totally understand why new mums give it up in the early days and its down to lack of support pre and post birth and the overwhelming discomfort.

I experienced all of these and it almost led me to giving up but I battled through it and I finally found a really supportive health advisor who just so happened to be a breast-feeding consultant. She has helped me through every step of the way and proven that if we all had the adequate support needed there would be a hell of a lot more women in the UK breast-feeding. Unfortunately for me, I met her when it was too late, the foundations had already been laid and it proved impossible to turn back. I believe that the reasons why I had to stop were purely down to lack of milk supply which was triggered in the very early days when I found feeding very painful and unbearable. I took a few days off from breast-feeding in order for my nipples to heal when Blake was one week old. I reverted to feeding Blake 4oz of formula every 4 hours and expressed where possible. This was the biggest mistake I believe I made, I got into a routine of bottle feeding and neglected breast-feeding.
Apart from the very first feeling of engorgement when my milk supply started at around 3 days I never had this feeling again. Nor was I able to express any more than an ounce a time.

I tried everything possible in order for me to change this and revert back to exclusively breast-feeding, I breast-fed every 2 hours, I sought advice from a lactation consultant, I took a nursing holiday where-by I stayed in bed and had skin to skin contact for 2 days solid and constantly breast-fed Blake and I mean every half an hour on both sides. I expressed after every feed to make sure my milk was fully drained and to urge increased milk production, I took fenugreek supplements to try to help increase my supply, I ate healthy, drank plenty of water, reduced caffeine intake, fed and expressed in the early hours of the morning etc but none of this worked.

At 10 weeks I had to stop breast-feeding because Blake was gaining little weight, an average baby gains an ounce a day and Blake was only gaining a few ounce every 2 weeks. I had to make a decision on whether I would continue to breast feed and increase his supplements or solely formula feed him and its the latter I chose.

So, here’s a few things I learnt along the way and would recommend:

Research everything to do with breast-feeding during your pregnancy and make sure you are prepared for every eventuality. I learnt so much when it was too late, I wish I had read into breast-feeding earlier and in detail and sought advice from a professional. Kelly Mom is one of the best websites I came across, all the advice is evidence based and there is literally every questioned answered. I must have read every single article on here it really is amazing and very helpful.

Try all feeding positions to see what suits you and your baby. Practice really does make perfect so don’t be disheartened if your baby doesn’t latch on comfortably straight away. Remember you are both learning and it does take time but put measures in place to help guide your baby and ask for help. He who shouts loudest wins and it really is a case of this, make sure you ask for help straight away. Get a midwife to check your positioning on the first feed and if you find that your nipple is mis-shaped i.e. it doesn’t stay rounded as it is in its natural state or you are sore, then this points towards the fact that your positioning is not quite right.

Use Lansinoh nipple cream, it’s approx £10 a tube and available from most pharmacies, supermarkets and Mothercare and be sure to take it in your hospital bag. It’s amazing and you don’t need to wash it off when feeding you’re baby unlike Kamillosan and other brands. I was able to get this on prescription but I had to ask for it, it wasn’t offered (Im assuming because it is expensive). Also Lansinoh breast pads are fab too.

Buy a breast pump before the baby is due, I would recommend the Ameda Lactaline which is what the hospitals use or a Medala, both very effective and highly recommended by health professionals. I know it sounds gross but you can hire these or buy them second-hand off eBay, you can thoroughly clean and sterilise every part before you use them and it’ll save you a fortune. Also make sure you have milk storage bags and pots ready so that you can store and freeze your expressed milk. You can buy these off the internet or in major retailers. The brand of your breast pump will sell their version but the above two brands seem to be most recommended.

I would recommend combined feeding and expressing early on to prevent soreness as I experienced, they say that if you are not breast-feeding then you need to express every 2 hours and a minimum of 8 times a day to keep up your milk supply but solely expressing is not as effective as breast-feeding. Use expressing to keep up your milk supply and to give your nipples a break but always breast feed where you can. Also in the early hours of the morning the hormones that stimulate milk production are at their highest so if you are not breast-feeding you need to continue the routine by expressing. Blake slept from 10pm to 5am from 4.5 weeks which I was told is very unusual for a breast-fed baby but I didn’t know to continue expressing which will have contributed to my slow down in milk production.

Make sure you eat regularly and drink plenty of fluids, I sometimes didn’t eat until the afternoon and I would feel faint. This is down to the fact that your body can burn up to 500 calories a day when breast-feeding and so you need to eat to accommodate for this. But don’t eat for the sake of it, just when you feel hungry and take a little nibble to bed with you because you’ll find that you need it during the night feeds.

Buy nursing bras and nursing tops, it makes life so much easier. You can get cheap button down shirts/tops off the high street. They don’t have to be expensive nursing tops just anything that you feel comfortable in and allows for easy access.

Buy several button front nightdresses, not only are these suitable for labour and whilst in hospital but you will literally live in these for the first few weeks and they’re great to sleep in and for the night feeds.

Attend you’re local breast-feeding support group, its great to meet other mums in the same position as you and you’ll soon feel normal listening to other mums problems. It’s also a great opportunity to gain answers to your questions and generally receive the support you need to be confident in breast-feeding.

I can only give advice based upon my own experiences and if this only helps a small group of new mums then I’ve achieved my goal.

Good luck and please get in touch we’d love to hear your opinions and share your experiences.

with love


Have a very Merry ‘Mudpie’ Christmas


Mudpie is every ounce what childhood should represent in baby couture, its fun, outgoing, cute, adorable, confident and absolutely fabulous.


This brand for us at bluesandbows is a definite favorite we just love all the cute tutu’s and hair accessories and socks they do. If you have never looked at this brand you seriously need to discover it and take a look it will warm every inch of your heart. 


So when it comes to Christmas Day we have only one port of call for our kiddies outfits. 


Available at Amazon for the UK however if in the US or Canada or other Countries go to for your nearest stockiest.


Lets get in the Festive Spirit!!  

Merry Christmas xx 


Chloe x 🙂 


We’re Back……

Well baby Blake is now 5 weeks old and is thriving and in such a short space of time I have learnt so much that is invaluable to all of you mums to be out there. So I think its about time I shared it. 

Ooooooh its great to be back and please do get in touch and share your experiences with us all.

with love 


BluesandBows are Global!!


Bluesandbows just want to say a big Hello, Bonjour, ahoj, dag, Zdrave, Živjo, bok, yeia sou, hej, hello, Ahlan, dobar dan, namaste, goddag, Salve, Hola, 안녕 , Asalamu alaikum, Sveiki, BUN Ă ZIUA, Merhaba,  gamarjoba, Zdravo, Pryvit, Moi, bonzour, kumusta po kayo,  AZUL, olá! , Halo, Csókolom to all our global readers! 

Take a look at these stats!!

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We’re very proud we are reaching out to different cultures and nationalities! 

We’d love to hear your feedback so leave your comments below! 

Peace and love xx

Thankyou For all Your Support!!


We have almost hit 10’000 views on our Blog and we just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support, we love bringing all the latest baby news, ideas, fashion and gadgets to your attention.

Please leave your comments below (dont be shy) we’d love to hear from you and tell your friends about us, we’d love to hear from them too. 


We’re glad you love it just as much as we do 🙂 


P.S At 10’000 hits were going to do a giveaway!!!!!!!!!! 


For all you parents out there going through the weaning stages, we think this is exactly what you need! I tried so many different products which claim to stick to the high chair but none and I mean none worked. 

After much deliberation that I may possibly have created a ‘Hulk’ child and even thought of entering Elodie into a strongest baby competition (just joking)- I come to the conclusion that these products are a total utter waste of money! 

So like most I spent my weaning days picking up spoons, bowls and food off the floor. 

I have to admit I often felt like crying, as like a good mummy wanting nothing but the best for my baby,I bought all my Annabel Karmel weaning books (godsend by the way) and spent most of my time whilst Elodie was taking naps creating these delicious recipe’s for her to try. So when she simply disregarded the food and decided it was more fun to throw it on the floor I did feel very disheartened 😦  

However after this amazing ‘Award Winning’ little device we found you dont have to feel this way! whoopee! 


Yes, we know what your thinking….. this looks like any other bowl, not so! This bowl has super suction power and will stick and stay put on any highchair or smooth surface. 


It has a childproof locking system, is simple and very easy to fit, comes in 3 different colours and is BPA PVC and latex free. 

Get it at amazon for around £4.99!


Have a lovely day 🙂 


Chloe x





Tommee Tippee nappy wrap & go

Well well, look what we have here, a Tommee Tippee Sangenic Wrap & Go. I came across this little gadget whilst out buying the last few items on my baby list in preparation for my new arrival in early October, and yes, I just had to have one! Forget the awkward nappy sacks that come in packs just like baby wipes and invest in one of these.The stylish dispenser provides anti bacterial protection for on the go nappy disposal and can easily clip onto your changing bag or pram for simplicity and convenience. It easily dispenses nappy wraps/bags at your fingertips with tie handles to ensure the odours and germs are locked away ready for disposal of soiled nappies.

It really is that simple and very effective! At just £4.99 including 2 refill roles who can grumble. I purchased mine from Asda but they are also available directly from the Tommee Tippee website and other major retailers.

with love, Gemma : )

Take A Splash Kids!





Kids love puddles! So seen as here in England we have lots of puddles with all the rain we have we thought we’d share some cutie rain coats we found for your little ones!

Green child Rain coats are adorable and come with fun designs and matching wellies just what you need to add abit of fun to a dull rainy day!

Image  ImageImageImage

                        Image  Image

Prices vary from £20-£35 and can be purchased from


Also we have another little treat for you to feast your eyes on and we think the kiddies will love these!

Kidorable have created a fun and exciting range of kiddies rain wear they have lots of designs including dressing up as a dinosaur, ballerina, ladybug and a pirate!! 






Prices vary from £15-£40

Purchase from or from Amazon 

We think the little ones will just love these fun raincoats and we love them too!

Have a lovely day! 🙂 



Ultra modern Moses basket

Oooooooh exciting times! blues and bows are very excited today! We’ve stumbled upon a brand new ultra modern Moses basket that is soon to be launched to the UK market! As they say at Moba® this is a “seriously cool bit of kit”. It’s modern, is available in a fabulous range of colours, is ergonomic, hygienic, light weight and fully ventilated! What more could we ask for….!

The creators of Moba®, have experience of importing natural fibre Moses baskets for the baby sector and experienced a wealth of issues first hand including quality inconsistencies, inability to clean thoroughly, rotting and degrading over time to name a few. This is why they have developed this genius product and we cannot wait for the launch date!

The recommended retail price is £89.99, keep a check on the Moba website for the official launch date : )

Happy Friday : )

Nappy Rash…


It’s the one thing that we all dread our little babies bums getting, it looks so sore and is extremely uncomfortable and upsetting for the little one’s and can occur for a number of reasons.


I have found Pampers nappies to be a god send, the most absorbent (and believe me i’ve tried all brands of all price ranges) and my little girl did not tend to suffer too much with this problem. Also I use Pampers sensitive baby wipes, I am a Pampers mummy for sure. 

It wasn’t until my little girl started teething that I realised the sheer pain and discomfort nappy rash can cause and I even resulted to taking her to the doctors on a couple of occasions. (always seek medical advice in severe cases)

It was a family member who recommended I try a product called Metanium
Its a thick yellow ointment which is for treatment of nappy rash and you only need to apply a tiny amount but be careful not to get it on clothing etc as it can be a pain to wash out. Only use for small periods of time, so say for a couple of days, I usually only apply 3 x per day at the most as this is a ‘treatment ointment’.


Matanium is a miracle cream and I believe it should be in every parents emergency kit for those times when nappy rash strikes. 

So to my delight whilst stocking up on this miracle cream, I found Metanium have now launched an everyday version of the ointment! It’s white in colour and comes in a tube so easy to open and is really lovely to apply! I’ve tried and tested it and am really happy with the results. 


I have always used sudacrem but on the 2 occasions that my little girl has had severe nappy rash I have applied it and had to quickly run her to the bath to instantly wash it off as she has screamed the house down! So something in this product must sting the skin so just be aware of that. 

However with Metanium I have never had this problem and I would highly recommend you try both versions of the cream and see what you think!

Fragrance free, Lanolin free: ingredients Titanium Dioxide, White Soft Paraffin, Light Liquid Paraffin, Dimeticone 

Prices vary but to give you an idea I paid £2.99. 

Have a lovely day filled with Sunshine 🙂

Chloe x


Please Note: this is my personal opinion of products that I have purchased and used and what I have found suited my baby the most, it may not work for everyone and others may find certain products work better.  

Newborn clothing essentials

Just whilst I’m on this little mission myself, I thought I would share my essentials clothing list with all our lovely expectant mummies and daddies out there. It certainly is quite daunting and just remember once the little arrival is here, people will be leaping over themselves to buy you gifts : ) So here goes, this is what we think you will definitely need in preparation for the little angel…

Oooooh it’s very exciting!

6-9 bodysuits or vests with popper opening.
6-9 sleepsuits (look out for the ones that have the little hand coverlets built-in)
4 All in Ones for day wear with or without feet
1 cardigan for layering
1 little coat/jacket
1 pramsuit for that special journey home and to keep them nice and toasty (In autumn/winter)
2 pairs of scratchmitts to prevent them scratching their tiny face
4 pairs of socks
2 hats
4 bibs
1 blanket

Featured items are from a little gem of a company called The Essential One, they have everything you need so why not start here, visit oooh and they’re very reasonably priced : ) Also, remember to take a peep through the baby brands we love section on our blog for help in finding amazing baby products.

P.S I’m now 29 weeks and can’t wait to meet our little one!

With love

Gemma x

Elodie’s Outfit Of The Week!!!


Were back into action with the outfits again, its been a couple of weeks since our last one so expect lots to come!



This Adorable little number is made by ‘Cutey Couture’ we love it and think its very cute and girlie for a summers day like today! 



Smile Everyone its a beautiful day!!

We’re off to enjoy the sunshine, 


Chloe 🙂


Yummy Mummy Friday!!

Baby and Bump under one roof!

I have to admit when I was expecting I never bought anything from Mothercare maternity range, I didnt even look! However on my travels yesterday I found some gorgeous pieces in the Mothercare sale for my bumped up sister.

They have a fantastic sale on and if you have an outlet store near you they are selling all maternity clothes off for just £5! Now thats the kind of sale we like…. 

I had a little nosy on the website and found a few pieces for you to feast your eyes on but I would advise you go into a shop if possible as it can be hard judging the size of your beautiful bump so best to “try before you buy” as they say. 


Image     Image       Image


Image        Image


The items selected above vary in price but none exceeding £30 so what you waiting for……Go grab yourself a bargain after all your pregnant and you deserve to treat yourself…. 😉


Blues and Bows x 


Whilst I was out shopping yesterday, I looking for little bits and bobs for the new addition to the family – due in October. I found a few little nifty things, like ‘Glow in the Dark’ dummies for instance, whoever came up with that Genius idea? I want to kiss them !! 

It wasn’t these however that made me squeal out loud on the aisle! 

Drum Role Please…….. 


Let me introduce you to the answer to all our Mummy and Daddy prayers… 


Milton Dummy Sterilizer! whoopee! 

I hate to put my little girls dummy in my mouth and I have resulted to this on several occasions when she has thrown her dummy on the floor! With no running water or other cleaning devices it’s usually me that cleanses it followed by a baby wipe. Yuk huh!

So when I saw this I just couldn’t contain my excitement, what an amazing handy little device! 


Referred to as the ‘Mini’ Milton have newly launched the dummy sterilizer which comes with an attached strap to enable you to fix onto your bag/pram so you always have it to hand. 


All you do is simply add water and one of the Milton sterilise tablets and the sponge inside soaks the teat for fifteen minutes and makes it clean and germ free for the little bambino! I immediately purchased two and it will defiantly be a gift from me from now on to whoever I know is expecting. 

             Image     Image


Its reason’s like this why bluesandbows love to blog 🙂 

Love Chloe x 




Priced at around £8 and worth every penny.

Find stockist