Mama Spanx Power Panties

Fan-tas-tic! Spanx have their very own maternity range called Mama Spanx.

We don’t know about you but when both me and Chloë were pregnant we loved the fitted dresses for both a casual daytime look and glamorous evening look. But there was just one teeny, tiny problem and yes you’ve got it, the wobbly bits! It’s inevitable that during pregnancy your size and shape change and you definitely don’t need to be wearing baggy, loose-fitting clothing that makes you look like an overgrown sack of spuds. So bring on the Mama Spanx, every pregnant woman should own a pair of these and lets just say ‘if you’ve got it then flaunt it’ Invest in a pair of power panties, you’ll never look back and you’ll be shaking that shimmy for the full nine months!

Priced at £34.00 and available from Spanx online shop



The Labour of Love Bag

Picture 1

This is a fabulous idea from our friends over at huddle & bliss. They have taken the stress out of labour before you even get there by creating this great bag jam-packed with everything you need for labour and when your little bundle of joy finally arrives. The products included are all british made and the gorgeous bag can be used as a changing bag once you leave the hospital. The only items they haven’t included are nappies, sanitary items and breast pads, as we can all appreciate these are a very personal choice but don’t worry there is space allocated to pop these in.

So, if you are a very busy mummy to be and need a little helping hand to get you organised then this is a must have! It retails at £180.00 but if you’re quick, you can take advantage of the very generous £30 discount they are currently offering on the website.

Visit and search The Labour of Love Bag.

Below is a list of everything that is included : )

We simply love it!

The Bag

Made from 100% cotton with a wipe clean PVC coating. Measures 42 x 28 x 17 cm with a top zip opening. Main compartment is divided by a large zipped pocket, there is also 2 wall pockets, additional zipped pocket and external open pocket. The bag is fully lined and complete with adjustable shoulder strap.

Content for Mum-to-be

Labour & Birthing Shirt.
Spa-style Slippers
Bed Socks
Pure Cotton Face Cloth
Pure Cotton Towel
Balancing Facial Mist
Hydrating Lip Balm
Purifying Bath & Shower Elixir
Hand Sanitiser
Silver-plated Compact Mirror and Atomiser (These are free gifts worth over £25 and will be included while stocks last)
Content for Baby

Pure Cotton Newborn Sleepsuit*
Pure Cotton Newborn Bodysuit *
Pure Cotton Knotted Hat & Scratch Mittens*
Pure Cotton Swaddling Blanket*
Pure Cotton Burp Cloth
Pure Cotton Bib*
Baby Change Mat
Protecting Nappy Change Balm
*These are white but can be substituted with yellow, pink, blue or any of our current designs upon request

Yummy Mummy Friday!!

Baby and Bump under one roof!

I have to admit when I was expecting I never bought anything from Mothercare maternity range, I didnt even look! However on my travels yesterday I found some gorgeous pieces in the Mothercare sale for my bumped up sister.

They have a fantastic sale on and if you have an outlet store near you they are selling all maternity clothes off for just £5! Now thats the kind of sale we like…. 

I had a little nosy on the website and found a few pieces for you to feast your eyes on but I would advise you go into a shop if possible as it can be hard judging the size of your beautiful bump so best to “try before you buy” as they say. 


Image     Image       Image


Image        Image


The items selected above vary in price but none exceeding £30 so what you waiting for……Go grab yourself a bargain after all your pregnant and you deserve to treat yourself…. 😉


Blues and Bows x 

Beautiful maternity lingerie

At 24 weeks pregnant I am still yet to invest in my first set of maternity underwear and lets just say i’m a little fussy. I can’t bear to wear non-matching sets or plain black or white, so as you can imagine it’s proven to be a challenge! My personal experience of buying maternity wear has been that of mixed emotions, it’s either very frumpy and expensive, modern yet limited or cheap and nasty. I sit in the middle tier and have struggled with the transition from my usual girly dresses, high heels and vibrant matching lingerie sets.

So, lets combat the underwear issue…..

I’ve found some beautiful sets that are modern, feminine and not too pricey and I thought I would share them with you! The three sets above are by a brand called HOT Milk, there are plenty of stockists in the UK and internationally and prices vary depending on style. Visit to see the entire collection and for more information on stockists.

The below three sets are from the new collection by Elle Macpherson, sold in a number of retailers across the UK and internationally and again not too pricey but definitely worth the investment, visit

It really is surprising how uncomfortable your underwear can get whilst pregnant and in all honesty I didn’t really know what to expect in terms of my changing body shape. We all change and grow at different rates and no two bodies are the same, so, at the point in which you feel you need to invest, go for it! You’ll feel more comfortable and confident. I am certainly at the point at which I need to invest before I have bits and bobs pooping out left right and centre, let me know how you get on and if you’ve stumbled upon great finds.

with love, Gemma x

“Say no to stretch marks”

Mama Mio, Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Butter was recommended to me by a little friend who is about to meet her tiny baby girl for the very first time next week. At 39 weeks pregnant, Cheryl has no signs of stretch marks and it’s all thanks to this sumptuous butter. It’s deliciously thick and creamy and has high levels of omega 3, 6 and 9 which gives your body all the ammunition it needs to beat stretch marks.

Mama Mio tummy rub has won countless awards and received endless positive reviews from all warps of life including celebrities like Jessica Alba, Claudia Schiffer and Coleen Rooney, it really is amazing.

To top it all off this product smells deliciously yummy!

Available from and priced at £23.00 + pp it can also be purchased from high street retailers such as John Lewis and Mamas and Papas etc.

mmmmmmmmm enjoy : )

Yummy Mummy Friday!

Sun is shining all!  Get ready for the holidays, after all you deserve it! 

We’ve found some little numbers for all you expectant mummy’s out there, so get yourself on the beach and take that beautiful bump for a dip! Apparently it gives baby a really calming sensation and makes them feel all relaxed inside that tum of yours. Arrrrrr : ) 

      Image                                  Image

We love the cute polka dot designs that seem to be this years trend when it comes to maternity beachwear and we found these at there are a few to pick from so why not take a little peek. 

Tankini £35.00/ Beach Dress £30.00 (above)

      Image                                     Image

Marks and Spencer have a great range of maternity swimwear we love the bikini’s to show that bump off.  

Bikini £15.00 / Tankini £25.00 (above)


   Image         Image  Image 


Crave Maternity wear have some lovely designs and styles to suit all, they have a selection of different swimsuits and in a range of colours!

Tankinis £58.00/ Swimsuit £54.00


Happy yummy mummy Friday x



Love is in the air

Valentines days is a great excuse to get dressed up, eat truly amazing food and be spoiled rotten. We love it and this Valentines day we want our readers to feel fabulous and enjoy it just as much as we do. The mummy’s to be out there will all agree that being pregnant and looking a million dollars can be quite challenging. Your shape changes quite radically, you gain weight where you never did before and you have to cover up certain areas that you’ve never paid attention too.

If like us you always end up buying a pair of shoes instead of clothing because they’re the one thing that you can buy without feeling disappointed, then we have the solution.

Isabella Oliver, this is the one name you need to remember! Perfect for occasion wear, perfect for making you look and feel fabulous and perfect for a shopping spree without the hassle of trudging around shops in search of something that doesn’t exist.

There online store makes us smile just by simply logging onto it, with its abundance of fashion must haves, bright colours and amazing designs you really cant help but treat yourself. Gone are the days of looking frumpy and here are the days when pregnant woman can look on trend, fabulous and feminine! Wooohooooo

You really must take a trip over to the website, trust me you will love it, and more importantly you will most definitely find a fabulous dress for Valentines Day : )

Thats Amore x

The most perfect dress…

We have the most perfect dress for all you gorgeous pregnant ladies out there! Just in time for the Christmas party season and available in a range of colours this beautiful maxi dress will no doubt make you look and feel a million dollars! You can create many elegant styles by experimenting with its long luxurious tie including, asymmetric, halter-neck, bandeau or with capped sleeves. This is a must have piece that will see you right through the party season in style and is definitely worth the investment.

Available from Isabella Oliver, visit
RRP £179.00 + PP

We at blues and bow love it!

Hospital bag ready and raring to go!

If you are an expecting mummy and you’re wondering what to include in your hospital bag then wonder no more. We have put together this list of must haves based upon Chloës experience and lets just say it was definitely an experience!

Mummy’s Bag

*Maternity notes and birth plan (if you have made one)

*2 night dresses with button fastening (these really make life simple when trying to breast feed for the first time) Also don’t spend a fortune on these because things can get pretty messy!

*2 pairs of comfortable pajamas or lounge wear (Once its all over you’ll be so glad to change into something clean, comfortable and that looks nice for your visitors)

*Dressing gown as it can be chilly and you’ll want to coverup if you leave your little birth suite.

*Slippers are essential for all the pacing you are going to do and also pack a couple of pairs of thick socks, just incase your feet get cold during the event!

*Underware, remember your super comfy stretchy pants and take about 6-9 pairs just incase. P.S dont spend a fortune on these either they’re probably not going to used again!

*Hair bands and bobbles are essential, it gets pretty ht and sweaty does giving birth and you definitely wont want your hair getting in the way.

*Lip balm, take a couple even if it’s just vaseline! It’s a godsend.

*Toiletries including toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, bodywash, shampoo & conditioner, body cream, facial moisturiser and face wipes. You might have to stay in a little longer than expected so it’s always best to be prepared.

*Maternity pads, we’d suggest a couple of packs.

*Nipple Cream, they can get a little sore and this is great.

*Breast Pads.

*Magazines, iPod or anything that will keep you and your birthing partner entertained. Chloë was in labour for almost 24 hours and through the night so everywhere was closed in the hospital.

*Nibbles and drinks for yourself and your birthing partner, we ended up ordering Dominoes pizza (Our hospital was fairly lenient and not all hospitals will allow you to do this). Looking back this was a little naughty as Chloë couldn’t eat anything : ). But leading up to the actually birth its good to have something to snack on. There will be vending machines but they tend to be fairly expensive and selective and throughout the day there will be the canteen but you know what they say about hospital food! So be prepared.

*A going home outfit, that is comfortable and easy to put on. Bear in mind that you are going to be a little sore and could possibly have a Caesarean section, (also C-section)

Baby’s Bag

*Newborn nappies, take 6 in your baby bag and leave the others in the car just in case.

*Baby wipes

*Cotton Pads to bathe baby

*Baby towel

*3/4 newborn baby grows with feet and mitts but not essential

*3/4 baby stud vests, preferably long sleeve

*Cardigan or jacket

*A couple of pairs of baby socks

*2 pairs of mitts

*2 soft baby hats

*Going home outfit including pram suit if in winter


*Car Seat

Chloe took two separate bags, one for her and one for baby : ) Good Luck!

New Kids on the Block

Buying a pram is probably the most difficult task that will face you when having a baby! There are so many brands out there and it can be quite daunting. You need to consider everything from A to Z before you throw yourself in and commit to the all important purchase and an expensive one at that! And lets face it, you’re going to be practically living with this thing for at least 2 years so its got to be right!

Does it fit in your boot?
Is it easy to put together/collapse down?
Do you get a car seat?
Is there space for your shopping?
Is it lightweight?
Is it easy to drive?
Does it look good?
Is it commonly used?
Is the price right?
Will it be comfy for baby?

All of the above are just a few questions you toy with before the all important decision is made!

Well look how good we are, this will definitely make your eyes light up! Let us introduce you to Mima, a Spanish brand who have Style, elegance, practicality and comfort and as they say, make life easier and sweeter for parents. The two pram designs Xari and Kobi are just beautiful and use innovative technology to create a wonderful experience for parent and baby! Slightly more expensive than the high street prams but definitely worth it!

For more information see available from John Lewis and other retailers outside the UK.

Bump Bump Baby!

Finally it’s appeared!!!! That beautiful bump that for the past 3 months you’ve stood in front of the mirror analysing from side to side to see if there’s any sign of it and thinking, there is a baby in there somewhere???

Now for the next task facing you pregnant proud mummy’s to-be……

How to dress your bump to perfection like it deserves!!!

Well, it seems (I thought so anyway) that for some reason ‘some ‘ designers/Shops think that Pregnancy equals frumpy, non flattering clothing that conceals what you have longed to show off!

This my lady friends is NOT so! I searched and I searched until I found something that made me and my beautiful bump feel fabulous at a price that was affordable considering I was only going to wear it for a short period…..

Tips I found helpful:

*Buy leggings and nice long tops or dresses
*Don’t spend a fortune unless you really want to
*Look out for sales on maternity wear
*A long white shirt is the must have item
*Buy 1 or 2 beautiful going out dresses, that can be transformed using accessories
*Ponchos are a godsend
*Maxi dresses, another godsend

Shops that fit my criteria:

H&M Mama range, usually located near to the children’s range in store, great for those necessities and work wear.

TOPSHOP great for fashion statement pieces, a lot of the main ladies range is also made in maternity! Look out for the sales here.

ASOS fabulous range of all types of maternity wear, good fit, fast delivery, excellent sales. Great for evening wear too.

Bravissimo for all your maternity underware! I Swear by this brand!

Ladies this is a time were u can finally forget buying those clothes you will ‘one day’ slim into and buy those clothes you will very shortly grow into!!!