My Buggy Buddy Weights

My Buggy Buddy WeightsOooooh we love a little gadget especially if it’s going to make parenthood simpler in the process, so we would like to share with you ‘My Buggy Buddy Weights’. Fabulous little product that was designed by two fathers to eliminate the problem of our buggies tipping over when overloaded. We’ve all experienced it and it is quite scary when it happens but it is so easily done. Products that are born out of practical parenting knowledge are always the best and really do serve to eliminate real parenting problems just like this.

These are very easy to use, they quite simply wrap around the buggy frame and velcro in place. The discreet slimline design doesn’t interfere with the manoeuvrability of your buggy and they sit higher on the frame to keep them a little cleaner.

We love this product and they are a very cost-effective solution : ) averaging around £10.00.

Available from most major retailers visit for more information on stockists.

With love blues and bows : )


Milk Powder Dispenser

Now this little product is great if you are formula feeding and when out and about with your little one. It doesn’t look like much but trust us it really does make life so much easier. It enables you to store up to three feeds worth of milk powder in three separate compartments so that when you are out and about you can simply add the formula to your bottle in quick time and without any mess. It has a rotating lid and a poring nozzle so that you have easy access to each compartment. It’s compact design means that it fits nicely into your changing bag without consuming too much space. It really does make life so much simpler : ) hence why we love it!

We purchased ours from Asda but there are plenty out in the market place and generally they go by the name of milk powder dispenser.

with love

Blues and Bows x

Milk Powder Dispenser….

Now this little product is great if you are formula feeding and when out and about. It doesn’t look like much but trust us it really does make life so much easier. It enables you to store up to three feeds worth of milk powder in three separate compartments so that when you are out and about you can simply add the formula to your bottle in quick time and without any mess. It has a rotating lid and a poring nozzle so that you have easy access to each compartment. It’s compact design means that it fits nicely into your changing bag without consuming too much space. It really does make life so much simpler : ) hence shy we love it!

We purchased ours from Asda but there are plenty out in the market place and generally they go by the name of milk powder dispenser.


with love

Blues and Bows x

Silver Cross Surf Review

ESZWQRCLFYVAXGFYI have the award-winning Silver Cross Surf Pram in Lime Green and so I thought it would be a great idea to let you know what I think to it. I must say when we were choosing a pram I found it quite overwhelming, there is so much choice and its pretty hard choosing a pram and colour option for an unborn baby, especially when you don’t know the sex!

After plenty of viewings and trials of various brands we decided to go with the Silver Cross Surf. Our reasons for this were the light weight chassis, the babynest-which provides a luxury padded lie flat surface for your newborn baby without the added expense of a carry cot, the essentials pack which contains a reversible seat liner, parasol, rain cover, sunshade and cup holder and the zesty lime colour option. Basically this pram had everything we were looking for.

We were also really lucky because at the time of purchasing the retailer were offering a half price maxi-cosi car seat and so we decided to go for the pebble because it is snug for baby, includes removable support pillow, harness pads and integrated sun canopy, one-pull harness adjustment, and a ‘Easy out’ harness-which stays open to get baby in and out of seat in seconds.

I must say I’m not disappointed with the surf, like any pram, once you start using them day-to-day you soon realise that you would change little things but on the whole its a great travel system. My only comments would be that it is a little clumsy on the front wheel drive, I personally think the wheels need to be sturdier to drive the pram. I would also like to see the round basket made larger as the it looks far more stylish than the new square version and there isn’t much room between the base of the seat and the basket itself, making it more difficult getting things in and out.

If I was to offer one piece of advice it would definitely be the following: rather than buying the carrycot invest your hard-earned pennies in the iso-fix family fix base. It really is a god send and makes life so much easier when getting baby in and out of the car. Do some research on pricing because we bought our iso-fix from Mothercare and made good use of their price match promise. In the end we paid £119.00 instead of £160.00 which I thought was a bargain and its the best thing we’ve bought!

with love Gemma

Tommee Tippee nappy wrap & go

Well well, look what we have here, a Tommee Tippee Sangenic Wrap & Go. I came across this little gadget whilst out buying the last few items on my baby list in preparation for my new arrival in early October, and yes, I just had to have one! Forget the awkward nappy sacks that come in packs just like baby wipes and invest in one of these.The stylish dispenser provides anti bacterial protection for on the go nappy disposal and can easily clip onto your changing bag or pram for simplicity and convenience. It easily dispenses nappy wraps/bags at your fingertips with tie handles to ensure the odours and germs are locked away ready for disposal of soiled nappies.

It really is that simple and very effective! At just £4.99 including 2 refill roles who can grumble. I purchased mine from Asda but they are also available directly from the Tommee Tippee website and other major retailers.

with love, Gemma : )


Whilst I was out shopping yesterday, I looking for little bits and bobs for the new addition to the family – due in October. I found a few little nifty things, like ‘Glow in the Dark’ dummies for instance, whoever came up with that Genius idea? I want to kiss them !! 

It wasn’t these however that made me squeal out loud on the aisle! 

Drum Role Please…….. 


Let me introduce you to the answer to all our Mummy and Daddy prayers… 


Milton Dummy Sterilizer! whoopee! 

I hate to put my little girls dummy in my mouth and I have resulted to this on several occasions when she has thrown her dummy on the floor! With no running water or other cleaning devices it’s usually me that cleanses it followed by a baby wipe. Yuk huh!

So when I saw this I just couldn’t contain my excitement, what an amazing handy little device! 


Referred to as the ‘Mini’ Milton have newly launched the dummy sterilizer which comes with an attached strap to enable you to fix onto your bag/pram so you always have it to hand. 


All you do is simply add water and one of the Milton sterilise tablets and the sponge inside soaks the teat for fifteen minutes and makes it clean and germ free for the little bambino! I immediately purchased two and it will defiantly be a gift from me from now on to whoever I know is expecting. 

             Image     Image


Its reason’s like this why bluesandbows love to blog 🙂 

Love Chloe x 




Priced at around £8 and worth every penny.

Find stockist

PacaPod – the Audi of the changing bag world!

If like me you have searched for the ultimate changing bag that is stylish yet functional then look no further. The PacaPod is pure genius! Designed by mum of two Jacqueline Waggett, the PacaPod is everything you could wish for, the Audi of the changing bag world. I’ve literally just stumbled across this myself and let me just tell you, boy am I glad I did.

There is quite literally a design and style to suit everyone’s taste and lets face it, that is quite a difficult task these days. However PacaPod do it incredibly well. Each bag has two neat and detachable PacaPods that organise feeding and changing items so that they are easily accessible whilst preventing cross contamination of food and changing products. Not only do these neat Pacapods fit discreetly into the outer bag but they can also be used as separate outer pods which attach to your pram if you need extra space for items such as a laptop or change of clothes for baby in the main outer bag.

Each bag is designed to a first class specification having compartments for keys, phones, purses and even travel documents. The pram attachments on each bag/pod are simple yet functional and allow you to simply attach your changing bag to your prams handle bar without the need to carry it around.

There is no stone unturned when it comes to the PacaPods, you only need to watch the promotional video ( and I can guarantee that you will be joining the PacaPod fan group! I certainly have : )

Truly inspirational and definitely worth every single hard-earned penny! Take a look prices vary between £65.00 and £200.00 depending on design.

Love Gemma x

Gorgeous sandals for gorgeous days

Livie & Luca children’s shoes are among our favorites simply because they replicate a childs playful nature with bright colours and beautiful designs. Inspired by nature, folklore and the rich imagination of children, Livie & Luca are the perfect solution to those tiny feet. The shoes are made using high quality leathers and the comfortable fitting and flexible soles allow children to run freely with style and ease.

The above are just a few of our favorites but there are plenty more beautiful pairs to be seen, visit the online store at Prices vary depending on style but to give you an idea the above pairs are priced at £34.99 + pp

Livie & Luca have the perfect tagline “Adorable shoes for adorable feet”

Say no more, this alone is enough to make us smile!

Enjoy the sunshine : )

Travel Time….

As if going away with a baby isnt stressful enough you literally have to pack the whole house! Leaving very little for anything you may need or want to take, welcome to your new life!

So eventually you conquer the travel time and arrive at your destination, unload and unpack. No doubt you will have forgotten something and usually, that something, will be your bit of something you really wanted to take, (leave the tantrums to the baby). Never mind as long as baby has everything and they are happy this is all that matters. If like me, you are not too keen on the idea of using travel cots which are supplied by hotels, then you will have spent months looking for the perfect one and if you have still yet to buy a travel cot, well, you’re in luck!

Blues and Bows have found it for you!

The Graco Contour travel cot is (we think) one of the best, it has a mobile with toys to entertain baby, comes in different colours, has a changing unit which can be attached and has a detachable mat which can be raised or lowered depending on baby’s age. You can also buy extra’s for instance a side panel which has inserts for nappies, clothes etc.

I used this cot myself on a trip and I found it very useful, easy to assemble and comfy for baby to sleep in. Also the side pockets came in handy for storage!

Prices vary depending on where you buy but range from £100-£190.

love Chloe x

Crawlings save the day

Let us introduce to the amazing Crawlings! Designed to protect those precious little knees from the effects of crawling and those bumps and grazes when learning to walk. They’re perfect for both indoor play and outdoor adventures and are available in a variety of designs and colours! Certainly a stylish addition to any little ones wardrobe!

Founded by sisters and new mothers, Tina Dowden and Hailey Kim, Crawlings are an American brand and are due to make their European début in early summer. But, don’t be disappointed, if you simply can’t wait to grab a pair then pop over to the online store at and they will happily ship them over to you via UPS.

Priced at just $20 US Dollars (approx £13.00) per pair plus shipping costs.

Recommended for ages 6 months to 3 years plus.

We love, love, love them and so does Victoria Beckham!

Add a splash of fun to your day out!

We always babble on about cute bits and pieces and this is a perfect example of why we just can’t get enough of the stuff. These daysacks from LittleLife are simply adorable, priced at just £20.00 each and available in a variety of designs, they will almost certainly brighten up any little ones day whilst adding a splash of fun.

It’s surprising just how much these daysacks hold, they are perfect for days out and about, nursery time and even for over night sleeps at grandparents and if you need a bigger version they also have the wheelie version perfect for taking on holiday.

The daysacks also have fantastic beneficial features including a removable safety rein for parents to keep children close by and a weatherproof hood for those rainy days.

They really are adorable, cute and practical and a fantastic buy! Visit LittleLife for more information on where to buy these great products and to see the full range!

Travel solutions for babies and toddlers

Many of you if not all of you will have experienced your sleeping babies head rolling around or slumped over their shoulders whilst travelling around in a car seat or buggy. We all know how incredibly uncomfortable this is and the after effect of sore neck muscles is not pleasant.

Good neck support is crucial to young babies during their early months as this is the time when their skeletal structures develop the most. Ensuring good neck support is in place when travelling around will in turn help babies develop better postures, rest more comfortably and wake up happier.

The neck saver from Baberoo is an award-winning product that can be used across different platforms such as in a car seat, buggy, high chair, swing etc.

“Baberoo NeckSaver is ergonomically designed to cradle the baby’s head, thereby reducing strain on the neck. Its shape is designed to fit the unique size and shape of an infant’s neck”.

This is a reasonably priced solution to this problem and we love the variety of designs, bright colours and soft textures.

A definite must have for all those sleeping beauties out there! Visit the online shop at Baberoo

Priced at just £10.00 + PP

Who needs a highchair…

We’re sure most of you have experienced the difficulty of feeding a baby/toddler without the help of a highchair! It’s not impossible but it is unbelievably difficult and a whole lot easier and less messier if you have one. I’ve still got little specs of spaghetti bolognese in my rug from 6 months ago and as I don’t have my own children I don’t own a highchair, but, I do have my little niece Elodie.

We stumbled upon Totseat whilst doing some product research to try and find a solution to this problem and we are so happy we did! This is genius and certainly deserves the vast array of awards that it has already achieved from the industry.

The Totseat is a portable highchair that makes life-on-the-go a whole lot easier for both parent and child. It converts dining chairs, of all shapes and sizes, into a safe highchair for your little one. It is compact in its very own travel pouch, machine washable and comes with a lifetime guarantee! It’s perfect for babies who can sit unaided and trust us, this is worth every penny, at a very reasonable £24.00 + PP.

Totseat would make the most perfect gift, or travel companion and we definitely recommend it!

For more information visit where you will also find the online shop where you can treat yourself or someone special.

Gemma : )

Twinkle twinkle little star*

Ooooh we just love these cosy fleece star wraps by Tuppence and Crumble! Theres nothing better than wrapping up warm in winter and doing it in style. These are a must have for this season and definitely a great gift idea. Perfect for the buggy, pram, car seat or just simply for a snuggle and snooze.

Availble in Sizes 0-6 months and 6-12 months in a fantastic range of colours and at a very reasonable £19.95 + PP. We simply couldn’t resist, they just look so cute!

Visit the online store at

If we were a pram….

If we were a pram/stroller this is what we would be! The award-winning Stokke Xplory is not only adorable, fun and fabulously designed but it also allows parents to interact more closely with their little ones. Children have a fuller perspective of the world around them whilst out and about and believe us they love to have a little nosey!

The Stokke Xplory has matching accessories too and all in fabulous colours so you can mix and match and create a truly unique pram bespoke to you and your baby!

The best thing is you can also buy the matching winter kit not only to keep baby warm but to also keep your hands toasty too!

Its comfortable, safe, trendy, easy to use, compact and award-winning, so what are you waiting for! Visit for more information prices vary depending on retailer.

We’re in lurve : )

Peekaboo I See You

Along comes baby and along goes your passenger seat! That’s right you’re demoted to the back seat until little one is old enough to sit in a car seat that faces forward. If like me u sit in the back with your little one just incase they need something whilst your partner drives then you will love this amazing product!

Rear facing car seats are a pain when it comes to travelling with little ones, therefore let me introduce you to a very handy mirror!!

Sunshine Kids Easy View back seat mirror, fastens easily to any headrest and pivots in a ball 360 degrees therefore you don’t have to move your rear view mirror. Once in place you can see your little one whilst driving and if you have a mirror in the sun visors in your car you can also view your little one from the passenger seat!

Woohoo!! I’d definitely call this an ‘investment’ Recommended retail price is £12.99 +pp and available from Amazon, Kiddicare and many more.

Hope this helps 🙂


Get ‘Carried’ Away

My mum constantly told me to use a baby carrier when I first had Elodie, she said; it keeps your hands free and it is so much easier to get out and about. For her it really helped when she had me as a baby and Gemma as a two-year old toddler, she could easily take care of us both whilst still getting things done.

Even though I really love my pram/stroller, it is heavy and the wheels are quite big (Quinny) and whilst out shopping the they can get caught on the stands and it also doesn’t fit into those tight spaces etc.

Therefore I decided to take my mums advice, I purchased a baby ring sling which you place over your shoulder and across your body and lay baby comfortably inside it. It cradles baby keeping them secure, warm and close to your chest. I purchased mine from a website called ‘Koochyroo’ they have a variety of prints, fabrics and colours and they are very stylish, making your sling an accessory with a purpose! My particular ring sling was priced at £60.00.

It’s very safe, practical and really does help whilst out and about, I especially think this could be one for the daddies too!

Most good baby sling and carrier stockists will have a section on there website giving you guidance and advice on the best sling for you and your needs.

Prices vary depending on budget.

Here’s a few good helpful stockists;


welly welly welly oi oi oi

Looking for some stylish Wellington boots for your little cherubs? Well look no further, we at blues and bows have found the best range ever and we’d like to introduce you to Hatley. They have dozens of fun designs for both boys and girls and a fantastic range of colours, they also come with little handles to make them easier to put on. The lining is 100% jersey cotton and will keep your little ones feet nice and toasty and extra comfortable, making rainy days like today even more fun!
Hatley is an American brand and unfortunately they do not ship to the UK but Wellies and Worms a UK supplier do stock the brand! Phew! Just double-check the sizing as they are North American and are slightly smaller, see the sizing guide on their website.

Prices average around £19.95+PP