Mama Spanx Power Panties

Fan-tas-tic! Spanx have their very own maternity range called Mama Spanx.

We don’t know about you but when both me and Chloë were pregnant we loved the fitted dresses for both a casual daytime look and glamorous evening look. But there was just one teeny, tiny problem and yes you’ve got it, the wobbly bits! It’s inevitable that during pregnancy your size and shape change and you definitely don’t need to be wearing baggy, loose-fitting clothing that makes you look like an overgrown sack of spuds. So bring on the Mama Spanx, every pregnant woman should own a pair of these and lets just say ‘if you’ve got it then flaunt it’ Invest in a pair of power panties, you’ll never look back and you’ll be shaking that shimmy for the full nine months!

Priced at £34.00 and available from Spanx online shop



The Labour of Love Bag

Picture 1

This is a fabulous idea from our friends over at huddle & bliss. They have taken the stress out of labour before you even get there by creating this great bag jam-packed with everything you need for labour and when your little bundle of joy finally arrives. The products included are all british made and the gorgeous bag can be used as a changing bag once you leave the hospital. The only items they haven’t included are nappies, sanitary items and breast pads, as we can all appreciate these are a very personal choice but don’t worry there is space allocated to pop these in.

So, if you are a very busy mummy to be and need a little helping hand to get you organised then this is a must have! It retails at £180.00 but if you’re quick, you can take advantage of the very generous £30 discount they are currently offering on the website.

Visit and search The Labour of Love Bag.

Below is a list of everything that is included : )

We simply love it!

The Bag

Made from 100% cotton with a wipe clean PVC coating. Measures 42 x 28 x 17 cm with a top zip opening. Main compartment is divided by a large zipped pocket, there is also 2 wall pockets, additional zipped pocket and external open pocket. The bag is fully lined and complete with adjustable shoulder strap.

Content for Mum-to-be

Labour & Birthing Shirt.
Spa-style Slippers
Bed Socks
Pure Cotton Face Cloth
Pure Cotton Towel
Balancing Facial Mist
Hydrating Lip Balm
Purifying Bath & Shower Elixir
Hand Sanitiser
Silver-plated Compact Mirror and Atomiser (These are free gifts worth over £25 and will be included while stocks last)
Content for Baby

Pure Cotton Newborn Sleepsuit*
Pure Cotton Newborn Bodysuit *
Pure Cotton Knotted Hat & Scratch Mittens*
Pure Cotton Swaddling Blanket*
Pure Cotton Burp Cloth
Pure Cotton Bib*
Baby Change Mat
Protecting Nappy Change Balm
*These are white but can be substituted with yellow, pink, blue or any of our current designs upon request

Silver Cross Surf Review

ESZWQRCLFYVAXGFYI have the award-winning Silver Cross Surf Pram in Lime Green and so I thought it would be a great idea to let you know what I think to it. I must say when we were choosing a pram I found it quite overwhelming, there is so much choice and its pretty hard choosing a pram and colour option for an unborn baby, especially when you don’t know the sex!

After plenty of viewings and trials of various brands we decided to go with the Silver Cross Surf. Our reasons for this were the light weight chassis, the babynest-which provides a luxury padded lie flat surface for your newborn baby without the added expense of a carry cot, the essentials pack which contains a reversible seat liner, parasol, rain cover, sunshade and cup holder and the zesty lime colour option. Basically this pram had everything we were looking for.

We were also really lucky because at the time of purchasing the retailer were offering a half price maxi-cosi car seat and so we decided to go for the pebble because it is snug for baby, includes removable support pillow, harness pads and integrated sun canopy, one-pull harness adjustment, and a ‘Easy out’ harness-which stays open to get baby in and out of seat in seconds.

I must say I’m not disappointed with the surf, like any pram, once you start using them day-to-day you soon realise that you would change little things but on the whole its a great travel system. My only comments would be that it is a little clumsy on the front wheel drive, I personally think the wheels need to be sturdier to drive the pram. I would also like to see the round basket made larger as the it looks far more stylish than the new square version and there isn’t much room between the base of the seat and the basket itself, making it more difficult getting things in and out.

If I was to offer one piece of advice it would definitely be the following: rather than buying the carrycot invest your hard-earned pennies in the iso-fix family fix base. It really is a god send and makes life so much easier when getting baby in and out of the car. Do some research on pricing because we bought our iso-fix from Mothercare and made good use of their price match promise. In the end we paid £119.00 instead of £160.00 which I thought was a bargain and its the best thing we’ve bought!

with love Gemma

Breast feeding must haves….

breastFeed_thumbAfter finding out that I was expecting our first child, I never confirmed how I was going to feed until the very last-minute. I remember when Chloë had given birth to Elodie and there appeared to be a community of professionals preaching about breast-feeding but failed to give the adequate support she required to effectively breast feed her baby. Lets face it, we all know breast is best but as a new mum you cannot prepare for the unknown and we rely on these professionals to prepare, guide and support us.

My first experience of breast-feeding was at our ante-natel class and it consisted of an individual talking to the group about breast-feeding whilst demonstrating using a knitted boob (Yes knitted!) and a doll weighing no more than a pound. She talked through techniques and positioning and it lasted for no more than 30 minutes. The reality is, unfortunately we don’t have knitted boobs, dolls don’t suckle, knitted boobs don’t have nerves or feeling and babies unless in extreme circumstances do not weigh a pound, stay still and feed easily especially in the beginning. Even though this provided me with a basic understanding about breast-feeding it certainly did not prepare me for what was to come.

I decided to breast feed as I wanted to give my son the best start and lets just say it is the hardest thing in the world but once you master it and break through the discomfort it’s easy, cost-effective and more importantly the best form of nourishment your baby can get. I can totally understand why new mums give it up in the early days and its down to lack of support pre and post birth and the overwhelming discomfort.

I experienced all of these and it almost led me to giving up but I battled through it and I finally found a really supportive health advisor who just so happened to be a breast-feeding consultant. She has helped me through every step of the way and proven that if we all had the adequate support needed there would be a hell of a lot more women in the UK breast-feeding. Unfortunately for me, I met her when it was too late, the foundations had already been laid and it proved impossible to turn back. I believe that the reasons why I had to stop were purely down to lack of milk supply which was triggered in the very early days when I found feeding very painful and unbearable. I took a few days off from breast-feeding in order for my nipples to heal when Blake was one week old. I reverted to feeding Blake 4oz of formula every 4 hours and expressed where possible. This was the biggest mistake I believe I made, I got into a routine of bottle feeding and neglected breast-feeding.
Apart from the very first feeling of engorgement when my milk supply started at around 3 days I never had this feeling again. Nor was I able to express any more than an ounce a time.

I tried everything possible in order for me to change this and revert back to exclusively breast-feeding, I breast-fed every 2 hours, I sought advice from a lactation consultant, I took a nursing holiday where-by I stayed in bed and had skin to skin contact for 2 days solid and constantly breast-fed Blake and I mean every half an hour on both sides. I expressed after every feed to make sure my milk was fully drained and to urge increased milk production, I took fenugreek supplements to try to help increase my supply, I ate healthy, drank plenty of water, reduced caffeine intake, fed and expressed in the early hours of the morning etc but none of this worked.

At 10 weeks I had to stop breast-feeding because Blake was gaining little weight, an average baby gains an ounce a day and Blake was only gaining a few ounce every 2 weeks. I had to make a decision on whether I would continue to breast feed and increase his supplements or solely formula feed him and its the latter I chose.

So, here’s a few things I learnt along the way and would recommend:

Research everything to do with breast-feeding during your pregnancy and make sure you are prepared for every eventuality. I learnt so much when it was too late, I wish I had read into breast-feeding earlier and in detail and sought advice from a professional. Kelly Mom is one of the best websites I came across, all the advice is evidence based and there is literally every questioned answered. I must have read every single article on here it really is amazing and very helpful.

Try all feeding positions to see what suits you and your baby. Practice really does make perfect so don’t be disheartened if your baby doesn’t latch on comfortably straight away. Remember you are both learning and it does take time but put measures in place to help guide your baby and ask for help. He who shouts loudest wins and it really is a case of this, make sure you ask for help straight away. Get a midwife to check your positioning on the first feed and if you find that your nipple is mis-shaped i.e. it doesn’t stay rounded as it is in its natural state or you are sore, then this points towards the fact that your positioning is not quite right.

Use Lansinoh nipple cream, it’s approx £10 a tube and available from most pharmacies, supermarkets and Mothercare and be sure to take it in your hospital bag. It’s amazing and you don’t need to wash it off when feeding you’re baby unlike Kamillosan and other brands. I was able to get this on prescription but I had to ask for it, it wasn’t offered (Im assuming because it is expensive). Also Lansinoh breast pads are fab too.

Buy a breast pump before the baby is due, I would recommend the Ameda Lactaline which is what the hospitals use or a Medala, both very effective and highly recommended by health professionals. I know it sounds gross but you can hire these or buy them second-hand off eBay, you can thoroughly clean and sterilise every part before you use them and it’ll save you a fortune. Also make sure you have milk storage bags and pots ready so that you can store and freeze your expressed milk. You can buy these off the internet or in major retailers. The brand of your breast pump will sell their version but the above two brands seem to be most recommended.

I would recommend combined feeding and expressing early on to prevent soreness as I experienced, they say that if you are not breast-feeding then you need to express every 2 hours and a minimum of 8 times a day to keep up your milk supply but solely expressing is not as effective as breast-feeding. Use expressing to keep up your milk supply and to give your nipples a break but always breast feed where you can. Also in the early hours of the morning the hormones that stimulate milk production are at their highest so if you are not breast-feeding you need to continue the routine by expressing. Blake slept from 10pm to 5am from 4.5 weeks which I was told is very unusual for a breast-fed baby but I didn’t know to continue expressing which will have contributed to my slow down in milk production.

Make sure you eat regularly and drink plenty of fluids, I sometimes didn’t eat until the afternoon and I would feel faint. This is down to the fact that your body can burn up to 500 calories a day when breast-feeding and so you need to eat to accommodate for this. But don’t eat for the sake of it, just when you feel hungry and take a little nibble to bed with you because you’ll find that you need it during the night feeds.

Buy nursing bras and nursing tops, it makes life so much easier. You can get cheap button down shirts/tops off the high street. They don’t have to be expensive nursing tops just anything that you feel comfortable in and allows for easy access.

Buy several button front nightdresses, not only are these suitable for labour and whilst in hospital but you will literally live in these for the first few weeks and they’re great to sleep in and for the night feeds.

Attend you’re local breast-feeding support group, its great to meet other mums in the same position as you and you’ll soon feel normal listening to other mums problems. It’s also a great opportunity to gain answers to your questions and generally receive the support you need to be confident in breast-feeding.

I can only give advice based upon my own experiences and if this only helps a small group of new mums then I’ve achieved my goal.

Good luck and please get in touch we’d love to hear your opinions and share your experiences.

with love


Ultra modern Moses basket

Oooooooh exciting times! blues and bows are very excited today! We’ve stumbled upon a brand new ultra modern Moses basket that is soon to be launched to the UK market! As they say at Moba® this is a “seriously cool bit of kit”. It’s modern, is available in a fabulous range of colours, is ergonomic, hygienic, light weight and fully ventilated! What more could we ask for….!

The creators of Moba®, have experience of importing natural fibre Moses baskets for the baby sector and experienced a wealth of issues first hand including quality inconsistencies, inability to clean thoroughly, rotting and degrading over time to name a few. This is why they have developed this genius product and we cannot wait for the launch date!

The recommended retail price is £89.99, keep a check on the Moba website for the official launch date : )

Happy Friday : )

Newborn clothing essentials

Just whilst I’m on this little mission myself, I thought I would share my essentials clothing list with all our lovely expectant mummies and daddies out there. It certainly is quite daunting and just remember once the little arrival is here, people will be leaping over themselves to buy you gifts : ) So here goes, this is what we think you will definitely need in preparation for the little angel…

Oooooh it’s very exciting!

6-9 bodysuits or vests with popper opening.
6-9 sleepsuits (look out for the ones that have the little hand coverlets built-in)
4 All in Ones for day wear with or without feet
1 cardigan for layering
1 little coat/jacket
1 pramsuit for that special journey home and to keep them nice and toasty (In autumn/winter)
2 pairs of scratchmitts to prevent them scratching their tiny face
4 pairs of socks
2 hats
4 bibs
1 blanket

Featured items are from a little gem of a company called The Essential One, they have everything you need so why not start here, visit oooh and they’re very reasonably priced : ) Also, remember to take a peep through the baby brands we love section on our blog for help in finding amazing baby products.

P.S I’m now 29 weeks and can’t wait to meet our little one!

With love

Gemma x

“Say no to stretch marks”

Mama Mio, Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Butter was recommended to me by a little friend who is about to meet her tiny baby girl for the very first time next week. At 39 weeks pregnant, Cheryl has no signs of stretch marks and it’s all thanks to this sumptuous butter. It’s deliciously thick and creamy and has high levels of omega 3, 6 and 9 which gives your body all the ammunition it needs to beat stretch marks.

Mama Mio tummy rub has won countless awards and received endless positive reviews from all warps of life including celebrities like Jessica Alba, Claudia Schiffer and Coleen Rooney, it really is amazing.

To top it all off this product smells deliciously yummy!

Available from and priced at £23.00 + pp it can also be purchased from high street retailers such as John Lewis and Mamas and Papas etc.

mmmmmmmmm enjoy : )

PacaPod – the Audi of the changing bag world!

If like me you have searched for the ultimate changing bag that is stylish yet functional then look no further. The PacaPod is pure genius! Designed by mum of two Jacqueline Waggett, the PacaPod is everything you could wish for, the Audi of the changing bag world. I’ve literally just stumbled across this myself and let me just tell you, boy am I glad I did.

There is quite literally a design and style to suit everyone’s taste and lets face it, that is quite a difficult task these days. However PacaPod do it incredibly well. Each bag has two neat and detachable PacaPods that organise feeding and changing items so that they are easily accessible whilst preventing cross contamination of food and changing products. Not only do these neat Pacapods fit discreetly into the outer bag but they can also be used as separate outer pods which attach to your pram if you need extra space for items such as a laptop or change of clothes for baby in the main outer bag.

Each bag is designed to a first class specification having compartments for keys, phones, purses and even travel documents. The pram attachments on each bag/pod are simple yet functional and allow you to simply attach your changing bag to your prams handle bar without the need to carry it around.

There is no stone unturned when it comes to the PacaPods, you only need to watch the promotional video ( and I can guarantee that you will be joining the PacaPod fan group! I certainly have : )

Truly inspirational and definitely worth every single hard-earned penny! Take a look prices vary between £65.00 and £200.00 depending on design.

Love Gemma x

Yummy Mummy Friday!

Sun is shining all!  Get ready for the holidays, after all you deserve it! 

We’ve found some little numbers for all you expectant mummy’s out there, so get yourself on the beach and take that beautiful bump for a dip! Apparently it gives baby a really calming sensation and makes them feel all relaxed inside that tum of yours. Arrrrrr : ) 

      Image                                  Image

We love the cute polka dot designs that seem to be this years trend when it comes to maternity beachwear and we found these at there are a few to pick from so why not take a little peek. 

Tankini £35.00/ Beach Dress £30.00 (above)

      Image                                     Image

Marks and Spencer have a great range of maternity swimwear we love the bikini’s to show that bump off.  

Bikini £15.00 / Tankini £25.00 (above)


   Image         Image  Image 


Crave Maternity wear have some lovely designs and styles to suit all, they have a selection of different swimsuits and in a range of colours!

Tankinis £58.00/ Swimsuit £54.00


Happy yummy mummy Friday x



Dr Browns

If you are pregnant and are about to invest in your first set of bottles then we would definitely recommend you consider Dr Browns. Elodie suffered from colic and as a result I was advised by a midwife friend to try Dr Browns bottles, lets just say I never looked back.

Dr Browns bottles have an internal 2 piece vent that is patented and works unlike any other bottle brand on the market. This system prevents air from mixing with the milk which in turn preserves essential nutrients like vitamins A, C and E. I noticed an instant difference with the way Elodie fed, she was no longer ingesting air bubbles through bottle feeding and as a result feeding more comfortably. I’m by no means suggesting these are the answer to all your problems but they certainly made a dramatic difference to Elodie and the way she fed, slept and her general well-being.

In addition this is a multi award-winning product with fantastic reviews!

To find out more about Dr Browns please visit the website at from Boots, Kiddiecare and


The innovative Gro-egg™ is most definitely a must have the product for all those sleeping beauties and parents out there. It tells you if the temperature in the nursery is too cool, just right or to warm by changing colour, helping you to keep a cosy and safe sleeping environment for your baby. In addition this the Gro-egg™ doubles up as a gentle night-light which is perfect for checking on your little one without disturbing them.

This product has received plenty of positive reviews and gets 4 out of 5 stars on the rating scale.

Visit for further information and stockists, prices range from £15.00 upwards.

We love it!

The most perfect dress…

We have the most perfect dress for all you gorgeous pregnant ladies out there! Just in time for the Christmas party season and available in a range of colours this beautiful maxi dress will no doubt make you look and feel a million dollars! You can create many elegant styles by experimenting with its long luxurious tie including, asymmetric, halter-neck, bandeau or with capped sleeves. This is a must have piece that will see you right through the party season in style and is definitely worth the investment.

Available from Isabella Oliver, visit
RRP £179.00 + PP

We at blues and bow love it!

Hospital bag ready and raring to go!

If you are an expecting mummy and you’re wondering what to include in your hospital bag then wonder no more. We have put together this list of must haves based upon Chloës experience and lets just say it was definitely an experience!

Mummy’s Bag

*Maternity notes and birth plan (if you have made one)

*2 night dresses with button fastening (these really make life simple when trying to breast feed for the first time) Also don’t spend a fortune on these because things can get pretty messy!

*2 pairs of comfortable pajamas or lounge wear (Once its all over you’ll be so glad to change into something clean, comfortable and that looks nice for your visitors)

*Dressing gown as it can be chilly and you’ll want to coverup if you leave your little birth suite.

*Slippers are essential for all the pacing you are going to do and also pack a couple of pairs of thick socks, just incase your feet get cold during the event!

*Underware, remember your super comfy stretchy pants and take about 6-9 pairs just incase. P.S dont spend a fortune on these either they’re probably not going to used again!

*Hair bands and bobbles are essential, it gets pretty ht and sweaty does giving birth and you definitely wont want your hair getting in the way.

*Lip balm, take a couple even if it’s just vaseline! It’s a godsend.

*Toiletries including toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, bodywash, shampoo & conditioner, body cream, facial moisturiser and face wipes. You might have to stay in a little longer than expected so it’s always best to be prepared.

*Maternity pads, we’d suggest a couple of packs.

*Nipple Cream, they can get a little sore and this is great.

*Breast Pads.

*Magazines, iPod or anything that will keep you and your birthing partner entertained. Chloë was in labour for almost 24 hours and through the night so everywhere was closed in the hospital.

*Nibbles and drinks for yourself and your birthing partner, we ended up ordering Dominoes pizza (Our hospital was fairly lenient and not all hospitals will allow you to do this). Looking back this was a little naughty as Chloë couldn’t eat anything : ). But leading up to the actually birth its good to have something to snack on. There will be vending machines but they tend to be fairly expensive and selective and throughout the day there will be the canteen but you know what they say about hospital food! So be prepared.

*A going home outfit, that is comfortable and easy to put on. Bear in mind that you are going to be a little sore and could possibly have a Caesarean section, (also C-section)

Baby’s Bag

*Newborn nappies, take 6 in your baby bag and leave the others in the car just in case.

*Baby wipes

*Cotton Pads to bathe baby

*Baby towel

*3/4 newborn baby grows with feet and mitts but not essential

*3/4 baby stud vests, preferably long sleeve

*Cardigan or jacket

*A couple of pairs of baby socks

*2 pairs of mitts

*2 soft baby hats

*Going home outfit including pram suit if in winter


*Car Seat

Chloe took two separate bags, one for her and one for baby : ) Good Luck!

If we were a pram….

If we were a pram/stroller this is what we would be! The award-winning Stokke Xplory is not only adorable, fun and fabulously designed but it also allows parents to interact more closely with their little ones. Children have a fuller perspective of the world around them whilst out and about and believe us they love to have a little nosey!

The Stokke Xplory has matching accessories too and all in fabulous colours so you can mix and match and create a truly unique pram bespoke to you and your baby!

The best thing is you can also buy the matching winter kit not only to keep baby warm but to also keep your hands toasty too!

Its comfortable, safe, trendy, easy to use, compact and award-winning, so what are you waiting for! Visit for more information prices vary depending on retailer.

We’re in lurve : )

Everything in life I share…

We at blues and bows came across this gorgeous nursery wall art by a company called Nutmeg. The slogan reads “Everything in life I share, except of course my teddy bear!” How adorable and it would look perfect situated just above baby’s cot or changing unit. As we always say “We simply love cute” and this is exactly why.

Priced at £30 and available in a whole host of colour variations, it’s entirely up to you on the finished look!

Take a look at and search teddy to find this exact one.

Èlodies dish of the the week!

Yum yum yum, we love Èlodies dish of the week just as much as she does! This week we’ve decided to share her favorite breakfast with you.

Apple and Pear Puree with Cinnamon

Apple and pear purée is an ideal first food for a baby food recipe as it is easy to digest and unlikely to cause allergies. Choose sweet apples like the Pink Lady variety or Royal Gala. Apples and pears contain pectin which can slow things down if your baby has loose stools.

2 dessert apples
2 ripe pears (eg: Conference pears)
4 tbsp pure unsweetened apple juice or water
Generous pinch of ground cinnamon (optional)

Put the fruit into a saucepan together with apple juice or water and pinch of cinnamon (if using), cover and cook over a low heat until tender (about 6 to 8 minutes).
Blend the fruit to a smooth purée.

See for plenty more recipes, tips and fabulous advice

Make feeding time easier..

Annabel Karmel has recently released a new range of feeding accessories to make feeding time just that bit easier for parents. The range includes stackable sealed pots to enable you to refrigerate prepared foods, food cube trays to enable you to freeze prepared meals for up to 8 weeks, a mini food masher and bowl to speed up preparation time and a mini ice lolly set which is ideal for making fruit purée lollies for those little cuties to suck on.

Not only is this range practical and very well designed, it is fun, colourful and very affordable and lets face it we all love anything that makes feeding time easier!

Visit prices vary from £3.99-£7.99+pp

Enjoy x

Yummy mummy Friday : )

Hi mummies!

Every Friday we will feature a yummy mummy outfit!

Dressing up changes when u become a mummy, you can still be stylish but you definitely have to be more practical for example making sure your knickers are not on show every time you bend over to see to your little one, and the same goes for the boobs : )

Therefore each Friday we will feature an outfit which we think is fashionable yet practical and modelled by our very own yummy mummy Chloë!! 🙂 Hopefully it will give you inspiration just in time for a weekend treat.

P.S We’d love to hear from you : )

Sweet Dreams

Having a little one can be quite worrying especially once you have digested all the do’s and dont’s and various opinions. It is also the hardest job in the word, consumes the majority of your time and takes up every ounce of commitment and responsibility, but it is definitely the best decision you will ever make.

At blues and bows we want to make the hardest job in the world a whole lot easier for you, after all there’s no little black book that tells you how to be a parent.

I never thought, I could worry so much about such a tiny little person but I also never thought, I could feel this overwhelming feeling of love for such a tiny person too. I worry about her feeds, her health, her sleeping pattern, her bathing, a little cough, a sneeze and so on.

I remember when we first brought her home from the hospital, We were so excited but I didn’t sleep a wink, I just kept looking at her and checking she was still breathing. Little did I know this is something mums do all the time regardless of our children’s age!

Èlodie was a big baby she weighed in at 8lb 10!! We are renowned for big babies in our family, I was 10lb 1 and my sister Gemma was 10lb 10! Our poor little mum. So by the time Èlodie was 3 months old she needed to move out of her moses basket and into her cot! If I didn’t worry enough before it just got a whole lot worse; will she sleep? what if she turns over? what if she cries and I don’t hear her? and the list goes on and on.

We are all aware of ‘Cot Death’ and of course there are guidelines to follow that could possibly help to avoid this. So as you can imagine I didn’t want to put a cover over my little girl whilst she was sleeping in her cot, but I did want to keep her warm and cosy.

Who would have thought a sleeping bag would be the answer to all my worries!

My auntie who is a yummy nannie to our gorgeous god-daughter Maddie Wragg (love the name) purchased this for me as a gift when Èlodie was born. It has been the best gift we have ever received and the most useful. It is basically a sleeping bag which at night-time you put your little one in and zip it up so that they are secure and it also acts as a quilt which keeps them warm. They can’t pull it off or pull it over there face and it comes in different togs and are also machine washable.

I think this is just fabulous and I have now invested in a few more from various places! It’s definitely a *must have* item for all babies.

You can find baby sleeping bags in many good baby retailers however we at blues and bows are huge fans of Koodle Doodle they’re absolutely beautiful and reasonably priced ranging from £22.50-£29.99

Hope this helps, and happy Thursday 🙂


Get ‘Carried’ Away

My mum constantly told me to use a baby carrier when I first had Elodie, she said; it keeps your hands free and it is so much easier to get out and about. For her it really helped when she had me as a baby and Gemma as a two-year old toddler, she could easily take care of us both whilst still getting things done.

Even though I really love my pram/stroller, it is heavy and the wheels are quite big (Quinny) and whilst out shopping the they can get caught on the stands and it also doesn’t fit into those tight spaces etc.

Therefore I decided to take my mums advice, I purchased a baby ring sling which you place over your shoulder and across your body and lay baby comfortably inside it. It cradles baby keeping them secure, warm and close to your chest. I purchased mine from a website called ‘Koochyroo’ they have a variety of prints, fabrics and colours and they are very stylish, making your sling an accessory with a purpose! My particular ring sling was priced at £60.00.

It’s very safe, practical and really does help whilst out and about, I especially think this could be one for the daddies too!

Most good baby sling and carrier stockists will have a section on there website giving you guidance and advice on the best sling for you and your needs.

Prices vary depending on budget.

Here’s a few good helpful stockists;