Beautiful rugs for babies nursery

We at blues and bows love beautiful things that make us smile and whilst searching for a rug for my little ones nursery I came across this gem of a company, Nattiot. A French brand who sell hand made rugs for babies aged 0 to 3… perfect! The gorgeous designs and colour palettes are suited to all styles of nursery decor and we’re positive you’ll love them just as much as we do.

Our personal favorite is the teddy rug which is priced at about £110 but they’re all so gorgeous it’s difficult not to want one of each : )



Take a look at where you can view the whole collection and buy in the online shop.

With love Gemma x


Ultra modern Moses basket

Oooooooh exciting times! blues and bows are very excited today! We’ve stumbled upon a brand new ultra modern Moses basket that is soon to be launched to the UK market! As they say at Moba® this is a “seriously cool bit of kit”. It’s modern, is available in a fabulous range of colours, is ergonomic, hygienic, light weight and fully ventilated! What more could we ask for….!

The creators of Moba®, have experience of importing natural fibre Moses baskets for the baby sector and experienced a wealth of issues first hand including quality inconsistencies, inability to clean thoroughly, rotting and degrading over time to name a few. This is why they have developed this genius product and we cannot wait for the launch date!

The recommended retail price is £89.99, keep a check on the Moba website for the official launch date : )

Happy Friday : )

Beautiful nursery inspiration

Piper’s Nursery.

If like me you have chosen to keep the sex of your new arrival a secret and are struggling for ideas on how to decorate and dress your little ones nursery then help is on hand!

Take a look at this beautifully crafted, neutral nursery!

I think it is adorable and you can take plenty of inspiration from this style board to help you create the purest safe haven for your little one : )

Oooooh its just utterly adorable.

love Gemma x

Adorable Nursery Art Prints

Our little friends over at ‘DO NOT FEED THE PIXELS’ have just launched an adorable set of colourful prints to decorate your little ones nursery walls! Using phonetic typography, beautiful illustrations and an adorable colour palette, these gorgeous prints will brighten up any nursery whilst making phonetics fun to learn.

The ‘Down at the farm’ set of 4 shown above is only £28.00 or alternatively if you would like to buy a single print these are priced at £12.00 each + PP. How can you resist at such a reasonable price, we just can’t get enough of them!

Visit the online etsy shop for more of the collection and to invest in your very own prints

Enjoy : )


The innovative Gro-egg™ is most definitely a must have the product for all those sleeping beauties and parents out there. It tells you if the temperature in the nursery is too cool, just right or to warm by changing colour, helping you to keep a cosy and safe sleeping environment for your baby. In addition this the Gro-egg™ doubles up as a gentle night-light which is perfect for checking on your little one without disturbing them.

This product has received plenty of positive reviews and gets 4 out of 5 stars on the rating scale.

Visit for further information and stockists, prices range from £15.00 upwards.

We love it!

Skip Hop

Whoever thought that bookends could be so super cool! Skip Hop are an amazing brand that create “unique, innovative and highly functional products that make parenting easier, better and more fun” and this is how we came across our little zoo friends. Available in pairs, the monkey, dog and owl are a perfect addition to any bookshelf!

They’re fun, cute, adorable and functional, what more could you want from a pair of bookends!

The friendly faces will undoubtably keep your little one’s story books neat and tidy!

Available from Amazon and ranging from £28.00-£35.00 per pair.

In came the animals two by two

When the stork comes along and delivers the long-awaited bundle of joy it’s always a difficult task finding something unique as a welcome to the world gift. The obvious choices are clothing, blankets and toys, well why not get a couple of friends together and contribute to this truly wonderful handcrafted Noah’s Ark gift set! It really is beautiful and would fabulous in any little ones nursery.

The set is presented in a ‘two by two’ gift box and is complete with a hand crafted Ark with ladder, Noah and 13 pairs of hand painted animals.

We at blues and bows absolutely love it to pieces, so if you have been searching for inspiration then look no further. Visit the online store at The Chic Country Home The set is priced at £68.00 excluding postage and packaging.

Super Cool Lapin Lamps

Lapin & Me are a lovely brand that source individual and unique products with a touch of nostalgia, evoking childhood memories. We stumbled across it whilst searching for inspirational lighting and instantly fell in love, it is just to cute to be true.
The Lapin lamps are a definite must have for any modern-day nursery or bedroom that has a vintage twist and requires that finishing touch. Fabulous product and fabulous brand and definitely one for our favourites list.

blues and bows love Lapin & Me : ) Cheekie x

Belle & Boo we love you too

Belle & Boo are the characters that form this truly inspirational brand, deriving from the imagination of illustrator Mandy Sutcliffe.

“Belle & Boo are two of Mandy’s favourite characters. Belle with her bobbed hair, bright eyes and wearing vintage clothing, is insistently curious about the world around her, and based on elements of Mandy as a child.

With her magical imagination Mandy was always surrounded by friends, and together they fulfilled many a daydream. So when creating Belle she gave her Boo – Belle’s adorable bunny rabbit companion and confidant.”

We came across this remarkable brand only recently when searching for adorable artwork for a baby’s nursery and up popped Belle & Boo. We absolutely love the cute, vintage perspective of a child’s adventurous and playful world and how Mandy incorporates this playful story within her creative designs and products.

The use of illustration and story telling reflects just how childhood should be, fun, imaginative and precious!

Take a peep and tell us what you think oooh and almost forgot, they have an online shop so go on treat your little one!

Everything in life I share…

We at blues and bows came across this gorgeous nursery wall art by a company called Nutmeg. The slogan reads “Everything in life I share, except of course my teddy bear!” How adorable and it would look perfect situated just above baby’s cot or changing unit. As we always say “We simply love cute” and this is exactly why.

Priced at £30 and available in a whole host of colour variations, it’s entirely up to you on the finished look!

Take a look at and search teddy to find this exact one.

Sweet Dreams

Having a little one can be quite worrying especially once you have digested all the do’s and dont’s and various opinions. It is also the hardest job in the word, consumes the majority of your time and takes up every ounce of commitment and responsibility, but it is definitely the best decision you will ever make.

At blues and bows we want to make the hardest job in the world a whole lot easier for you, after all there’s no little black book that tells you how to be a parent.

I never thought, I could worry so much about such a tiny little person but I also never thought, I could feel this overwhelming feeling of love for such a tiny person too. I worry about her feeds, her health, her sleeping pattern, her bathing, a little cough, a sneeze and so on.

I remember when we first brought her home from the hospital, We were so excited but I didn’t sleep a wink, I just kept looking at her and checking she was still breathing. Little did I know this is something mums do all the time regardless of our children’s age!

Èlodie was a big baby she weighed in at 8lb 10!! We are renowned for big babies in our family, I was 10lb 1 and my sister Gemma was 10lb 10! Our poor little mum. So by the time Èlodie was 3 months old she needed to move out of her moses basket and into her cot! If I didn’t worry enough before it just got a whole lot worse; will she sleep? what if she turns over? what if she cries and I don’t hear her? and the list goes on and on.

We are all aware of ‘Cot Death’ and of course there are guidelines to follow that could possibly help to avoid this. So as you can imagine I didn’t want to put a cover over my little girl whilst she was sleeping in her cot, but I did want to keep her warm and cosy.

Who would have thought a sleeping bag would be the answer to all my worries!

My auntie who is a yummy nannie to our gorgeous god-daughter Maddie Wragg (love the name) purchased this for me as a gift when Èlodie was born. It has been the best gift we have ever received and the most useful. It is basically a sleeping bag which at night-time you put your little one in and zip it up so that they are secure and it also acts as a quilt which keeps them warm. They can’t pull it off or pull it over there face and it comes in different togs and are also machine washable.

I think this is just fabulous and I have now invested in a few more from various places! It’s definitely a *must have* item for all babies.

You can find baby sleeping bags in many good baby retailers however we at blues and bows are huge fans of Koodle Doodle they’re absolutely beautiful and reasonably priced ranging from £22.50-£29.99

Hope this helps, and happy Thursday 🙂


Sleeping Baby!

Babies love to sleep and for those times when you are on holiday or staying with friends or family, how do you create a snoozy environment for them? Theres nothing more irritating than when you’re trying to have a little nap or lie in and the light is flooding into the room.

All the more reason why the portable blackout blind by The Gro Company is a ‘must have’ it is sheer brilliance. It is designed to go anywhere with you and provides a tranquil sleeping environment perfect for baby.

This is definitely worth the investment, it adapts to fit any window size up to 130cm x 200cm, costs £29.99 and is available from The Gro Store.

Take a look at the fantastic reviews on their website it really is a godsend and we love it!

The Perfect Nursery

A baby’s nursery is the one thing that makes you feel complete. So much effort goes into making it absolutely perfect ready for baby’s arrival and the feeling of exciting and happiness overcomes you. But the moment you make those finishing touches and finally complete it, is the moment that you feel a sense of achievement and pride.

All the more reason to get it right, we at blues and bows searched high and low for the perfect nursery decor for baby Èlodies nursery. Not knowing her sex limited us to neutral colours like greens, yellows, browns and ivories, hardly the most inspiring of colours! Until, we came across CoCaLo in Canada, a brand that is incredibly creative with great attention detail. Using innovative designs combined with fabulous colour and texture combinations CoCaLo have a truly inspirational range of nursery collections. The best thing about CoCaLo is that you can buy the cot linen, the window valence, the wall stickers, the lamp, the nappy stacker, and the matching toy box and more, all in one complete range!

It’s an amazing investment and absolutely perfect! Èlodie loves it and you will too.

Available from a range of UK retailers, take a look at the link for a complete list