Baby’s First Words

Baby’s first word is always a memorable one, Elodie’s was Da-da!  After the experience of childbirth and bringing my little one into the world, I would have thought my reward could have been Ma-ma as her first word but oh no daddy gets the honour instead. 🙂 

All the same I congratulated her and encouraged her to say it again and again! Now she has mastered a few, one being ma-ma! yey! 

This moves me onto a fantastic gift my sisters mother-in-law gave to us,….


Simple First Words, Baby and toddler books are a brilliant learning source for your children. Each page has pictures, words, numbers and names etc and a button featuring the picture and a voice over which sounds the word to the child. This encourages their learning of the word and also word association and pronunciation.

 Image         ImageImageImage

Elodie now has the whole collection and I have introduced them to her as a fun toy to play with, helping to develop her speech. I also love the idea that they’re books as it’s a great way of introducing reading into a child’s daily routine whilst also keeping it fun and engaging.

Available in most good books stores, prices vary depending on supplier, I purchased Elodie’s from amazon. 



Crawlings save the day

Let us introduce to the amazing Crawlings! Designed to protect those precious little knees from the effects of crawling and those bumps and grazes when learning to walk. They’re perfect for both indoor play and outdoor adventures and are available in a variety of designs and colours! Certainly a stylish addition to any little ones wardrobe!

Founded by sisters and new mothers, Tina Dowden and Hailey Kim, Crawlings are an American brand and are due to make their European début in early summer. But, don’t be disappointed, if you simply can’t wait to grab a pair then pop over to the online store at and they will happily ship them over to you via UPS.

Priced at just $20 US Dollars (approx £13.00) per pair plus shipping costs.

Recommended for ages 6 months to 3 years plus.

We love, love, love them and so does Victoria Beckham!

Dont be fooled by the giraffe

Let us introduce you to Sophie the Giraffe, the bestest friend your little one will ever have! Don’t be fooled by its appearance it’s absolutely fantastic and has soothed babies teething problems for almost 50 years! Made out of natural rubber, easy to grasp and with lots of body parts for baby to chew on you will be amazed how effective this teether actually is! We cannot sing its praises enough, and in addition to this it has other discoveries and activities that stimulate babies senses including a squeaker for sound recognition, contrasting spot design for sight stimulation and the singular smell of the natural rubber makes Sophie easy to identify amid other toys!

Sophie the Giraffe is more expensive than the average teether but it is more effective and worth every penny and what more it doubles up as a toy!

Available from Amazon and most baby retailers and averaging at £12.00.

Busy Peas…

This is a brand that dedicates itself to combining fashion with education through the use of innovative and creative designs. The range consists of a gorgeous clothing line, toys and books for both babies and toddlers. Busy Peas introduces children to fruit and vegetables and encourages their learning through visual and practical development. What more they even teach little ones to grow their very own fruit and veg. It just makes bein

We just cant help but love them, the all-in-one baby grows are a personal favorite of ours, as you can see they’re just so cute! Busy Peas make being a mummy and daddy that bit easier when it comes to fruit and vegetables.

For more information visit they even have an online shop!

Delicious x

Rubber Duckie

We’ll never forget the very first time we bathed our brand new baby girl! It was an exciting experience but we had no idea what temperature the water should be or how much we should even put in her little bath and she was also a very floppy baby. It made what is a very intimate and bonding moment between parent and baby a little bit of a worry.

So as u can imagine I was delighted to come across a very special rubber duckie!!

Made by Munchkin this handy little device operates with a White hot safety disc on the bottom of the duck which reveals the word ‘Hot’ when the bath water is too hot for baby. It then let’s you know that it is safe to put your baby in, It also doubles up as a great teething toy.

Munchkin aim to make parenting safer, easier and more fun and they understand that it is often the little things that make the biggest difference.

Just Genius, and a must have for all new babies.

Available from Tesco, Amazon and Kiddicare RRP £2.50 but may vary

Chloë x

Lamaze Gardenbug Wrist Wrattles and Foot Finders

Lamaze do some really amazing toys to encourage your baby’s discovery and reward their exploration and all whilst having fun. Èlodie has a few toys by this brand and she absolutely loves them. Their bright colours combined with different textures and noises make playtime exciting for her.

The Gardenbug Wrist Rattles and Foot Finders fit comfortably on to your babies wrists and ankles. The cute designs, bright colours and enchanting noises encourage baby in the search for their hands and feet. They’re a really great idea and will keep your little one happy whilst developing their senses.

Recommended for ages 3 months +

RRP: £12.99 and available from Lamaze Toys, Amazon, Early learning