Happy Easter….

Whilst we have been on the hunt for baby products associated with Easter we came across this utterly gorgeous knitted blanket pattern by Jean Adel! We absolutely love it, so, if there are any knitters out there we’d love to hear from you because we’d absolutely love one for our kiddie winks : )

Follow the link below for the pattern and lets get knitting!

Happy Easter

with love blues and bows x



Newborn clothing essentials

Just whilst I’m on this little mission myself, I thought I would share my essentials clothing list with all our lovely expectant mummies and daddies out there. It certainly is quite daunting and just remember once the little arrival is here, people will be leaping over themselves to buy you gifts : ) So here goes, this is what we think you will definitely need in preparation for the little angel…

Oooooh it’s very exciting!

6-9 bodysuits or vests with popper opening.
6-9 sleepsuits (look out for the ones that have the little hand coverlets built-in)
4 All in Ones for day wear with or without feet
1 cardigan for layering
1 little coat/jacket
1 pramsuit for that special journey home and to keep them nice and toasty (In autumn/winter)
2 pairs of scratchmitts to prevent them scratching their tiny face
4 pairs of socks
2 hats
4 bibs
1 blanket

Featured items are from a little gem of a company called The Essential One, they have everything you need so why not start here, visit http://www.theessentialone.com oooh and they’re very reasonably priced : ) Also, remember to take a peep through the baby brands we love section on our blog for help in finding amazing baby products.

P.S I’m now 29 weeks and can’t wait to meet our little one!

With love

Gemma x

Poco Nido the little brand for little people

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We do love it when we find a brand that is ultra cool yet super cute and so when we stumbled across Poco Nido we were thrilled. This little brand creates quality clothing and footwear in limited runs to make sure functionality and exclusivity are not compromised. The gorgeous pieces are affordable and fun and there is always something new to look forward to on the horizon. Take a look at the online store at http://www.poconido.com.

Our favorites are the suede soled pre-walker shoes and priced at just £16.00 per pair you may even want to invest in more than one : ).

We love our frilly Knickers

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As you are all aware we at blues and bows can’t get enough of our frilly knickers! They’re so cute and look adorable under those little summer dresses. So when we came across a complete collection whilst browsing away, we were so excited. i love gorgeous is one of our favourite brands purely because of the gorgeous fabrics, pretty colours and girly designs, oooh, and not to forget the pinch of sparkle!

The brand is a true representation of innocent, fun-loving, happy-go-lucky girls in a modern-day world and we lurve it! Pop over to the online store and take a peep at these utterly adorable frilly knickers, they’ll make you smile! http://www.ilovegorgeous.co.uk

Priced at £16.00 each, a definite must have this summer.

Bob & Blossom

Oh we just love, love, love these little beauties! Seriously simple yet utterly adorable! This is exactly why we love what we do, and we hope you do. Bob and Blossom have a London store on Columbia Road, Tower Hamlets and if you are ever passing pop in, you certainly won’t be disappointed! Along with their “fabulous clothing range you will find a charming array of toys and gifts for babies and small children, with a real emphasis on quality and nostalgia” Bob & Blossom.

These sets are sold as separate items and are priced at:

All-in-One – £22.00
Star Hat – £10.95
Blanket/Shawl – £22.00

For the online store visit http://www.bobandblossom.co.uk

Happy Shopping : )

Crawlings save the day

Let us introduce to the amazing Crawlings! Designed to protect those precious little knees from the effects of crawling and those bumps and grazes when learning to walk. They’re perfect for both indoor play and outdoor adventures and are available in a variety of designs and colours! Certainly a stylish addition to any little ones wardrobe!

Founded by sisters and new mothers, Tina Dowden and Hailey Kim, Crawlings are an American brand and are due to make their European début in early summer. But, don’t be disappointed, if you simply can’t wait to grab a pair then pop over to the online store at http://www.crawlings.com/ and they will happily ship them over to you via UPS.

Priced at just $20 US Dollars (approx £13.00) per pair plus shipping costs.

Recommended for ages 6 months to 3 years plus.

We love, love, love them and so does Victoria Beckham!


The innovative Gro-egg™ is most definitely a must have the product for all those sleeping beauties and parents out there. It tells you if the temperature in the nursery is too cool, just right or to warm by changing colour, helping you to keep a cosy and safe sleeping environment for your baby. In addition this the Gro-egg™ doubles up as a gentle night-light which is perfect for checking on your little one without disturbing them.

This product has received plenty of positive reviews and gets 4 out of 5 stars on the rating scale.

Visit http://www.gro.co.uk/what-we-make/gro-egg.html for further information and stockists, prices range from £15.00 upwards.

We love it!

Add a splash of fun to your day out!

We always babble on about cute bits and pieces and this is a perfect example of why we just can’t get enough of the stuff. These daysacks from LittleLife are simply adorable, priced at just £20.00 each and available in a variety of designs, they will almost certainly brighten up any little ones day whilst adding a splash of fun.

It’s surprising just how much these daysacks hold, they are perfect for days out and about, nursery time and even for over night sleeps at grandparents and if you need a bigger version they also have the wheelie version perfect for taking on holiday.

The daysacks also have fantastic beneficial features including a removable safety rein for parents to keep children close by and a weatherproof hood for those rainy days.

They really are adorable, cute and practical and a fantastic buy! Visit LittleLife for more information on where to buy these great products and to see the full range! http://www.littlelife.co.uk

Cutie cutie tights…..

We here at blues and bows have been on the hunt for gorgeous tights for gorgeous little girls. They’re funny little things because they’re an absolute must have for these cooler seasons, but we seem to have limited choice.

Most stores seem to sell the same mono colour pairs and if you’re lucky you might pick up the odd frilly bum. There is also the question of price; how much are we willing to pay for a good quality pair of tights, that are versatile and look amazing?

So we’ve made it our mission to find adorable girlie tights that fit the brief and guess what…we’ve done it! Mission Complete.

As you can see, these four little beauties are simply adorable and better still they’re by English brand Lilly and Sid and we simply love them to bits!

Each pair are priced at £10.00 and come with a gorgeous Lilly and Sid luxury gift bag and might we add we love this too!

These cute little tights come in a variety of designs and the vibrant colours will brighten up any baby’s day!

Take a look at the online shop at http://www.lillyandsid.com, we have absolutely no doubt that you will love the entire collection, we do!

Have fun : )

Twinkle twinkle little star*

Ooooh we just love these cosy fleece star wraps by Tuppence and Crumble! Theres nothing better than wrapping up warm in winter and doing it in style. These are a must have for this season and definitely a great gift idea. Perfect for the buggy, pram, car seat or just simply for a snuggle and snooze.

Availble in Sizes 0-6 months and 6-12 months in a fantastic range of colours and at a very reasonable £19.95 + PP. We simply couldn’t resist, they just look so cute!

Visit the online store at http://www.tuppenceandcrumble.co.uk/star_wraps.html

Dont be fooled by the giraffe

Let us introduce you to Sophie the Giraffe, the bestest friend your little one will ever have! Don’t be fooled by its appearance it’s absolutely fantastic and has soothed babies teething problems for almost 50 years! Made out of natural rubber, easy to grasp and with lots of body parts for baby to chew on you will be amazed how effective this teether actually is! We cannot sing its praises enough, and in addition to this it has other discoveries and activities that stimulate babies senses including a squeaker for sound recognition, contrasting spot design for sight stimulation and the singular smell of the natural rubber makes Sophie easy to identify amid other toys!

Sophie the Giraffe is more expensive than the average teether but it is more effective and worth every penny and what more it doubles up as a toy!

Available from Amazon and most baby retailers and averaging at £12.00.

Busy Peas…

This is a brand that dedicates itself to combining fashion with education through the use of innovative and creative designs. The range consists of a gorgeous clothing line, toys and books for both babies and toddlers. Busy Peas introduces children to fruit and vegetables and encourages their learning through visual and practical development. What more they even teach little ones to grow their very own fruit and veg. It just makes bein

We just cant help but love them, the all-in-one baby grows are a personal favorite of ours, as you can see they’re just so cute! Busy Peas make being a mummy and daddy that bit easier when it comes to fruit and vegetables.

For more information visit http://www.busypeas.co.uk/ they even have an online shop!

Delicious x

Everything in life I share…

We at blues and bows came across this gorgeous nursery wall art by a company called Nutmeg. The slogan reads “Everything in life I share, except of course my teddy bear!” How adorable and it would look perfect situated just above baby’s cot or changing unit. As we always say “We simply love cute” and this is exactly why.

Priced at £30 and available in a whole host of colour variations, it’s entirely up to you on the finished look!

Take a look at http://www.nutmegwallartstickers.co.uk and search teddy to find this exact one.

Peekaboo I See You

Along comes baby and along goes your passenger seat! That’s right you’re demoted to the back seat until little one is old enough to sit in a car seat that faces forward. If like me u sit in the back with your little one just incase they need something whilst your partner drives then you will love this amazing product!

Rear facing car seats are a pain when it comes to travelling with little ones, therefore let me introduce you to a very handy mirror!!

Sunshine Kids Easy View back seat mirror, fastens easily to any headrest and pivots in a ball 360 degrees therefore you don’t have to move your rear view mirror. Once in place you can see your little one whilst driving and if you have a mirror in the sun visors in your car you can also view your little one from the passenger seat!

Woohoo!! I’d definitely call this an ‘investment’ Recommended retail price is £12.99 +pp and available from Amazon, Kiddicare and many more.

Hope this helps 🙂


Sweet Dreams

Having a little one can be quite worrying especially once you have digested all the do’s and dont’s and various opinions. It is also the hardest job in the word, consumes the majority of your time and takes up every ounce of commitment and responsibility, but it is definitely the best decision you will ever make.

At blues and bows we want to make the hardest job in the world a whole lot easier for you, after all there’s no little black book that tells you how to be a parent.

I never thought, I could worry so much about such a tiny little person but I also never thought, I could feel this overwhelming feeling of love for such a tiny person too. I worry about her feeds, her health, her sleeping pattern, her bathing, a little cough, a sneeze and so on.

I remember when we first brought her home from the hospital, We were so excited but I didn’t sleep a wink, I just kept looking at her and checking she was still breathing. Little did I know this is something mums do all the time regardless of our children’s age!

Èlodie was a big baby she weighed in at 8lb 10!! We are renowned for big babies in our family, I was 10lb 1 and my sister Gemma was 10lb 10! Our poor little mum. So by the time Èlodie was 3 months old she needed to move out of her moses basket and into her cot! If I didn’t worry enough before it just got a whole lot worse; will she sleep? what if she turns over? what if she cries and I don’t hear her? and the list goes on and on.

We are all aware of ‘Cot Death’ and of course there are guidelines to follow that could possibly help to avoid this. So as you can imagine I didn’t want to put a cover over my little girl whilst she was sleeping in her cot, but I did want to keep her warm and cosy.

Who would have thought a sleeping bag would be the answer to all my worries!

My auntie who is a yummy nannie to our gorgeous god-daughter Maddie Wragg (love the name) purchased this for me as a gift when Èlodie was born. It has been the best gift we have ever received and the most useful. It is basically a sleeping bag which at night-time you put your little one in and zip it up so that they are secure and it also acts as a quilt which keeps them warm. They can’t pull it off or pull it over there face and it comes in different togs and are also machine washable.

I think this is just fabulous and I have now invested in a few more from various places! It’s definitely a *must have* item for all babies.

You can find baby sleeping bags in many good baby retailers however we at blues and bows are huge fans of Koodle Doodle they’re absolutely beautiful and reasonably priced ranging from £22.50-£29.99 http://www.koodledoodle.com/

Hope this helps, and happy Thursday 🙂


Something you might relate too!

This is quite a funny story and I wanted to share it with you because even though I didn’t have the solution at the time, I have recently come across it and it made me chuckle!

When Èlodie was a tiny baby, Chloë had invited me and our cousin Liane for a bite to eat and to watch girly films and obviously to see the baby. Whilst their Chloë asked me and Liane if we wanted to bath Èlodie before bedtime and as you can imagine we jumped at the chance. Chloë filled the bath and popped Èlodie in and then left us to it, well, after the awkward start where by me and Liane looked at each other and said “what do we do” we finally got into it, singing and playing and washing baby!

Now here’s for the funny part, once we had finished I took Èlodies towel from the rail and balanced it on my chest, Liane then placed Èlodie on me and I wrapped her up, totally unaware that her face was actually in the hood of the towel! Talk about amateurs, well we could not stop laughing. I then had to pass Èlodie to Liane and attempt to turn her round, it was a right old farce! We were completely wet through, crying with laughter and little Èlodie must have thought, what a set of nincompoops we have here!

Anyhow, I came across this organic baby apron towel made by My Munchin and it is just what I needed absolute genius! No balancing of towel needed, keeps your hands free and keeps you dry!

Every mummy should have one! They come in 3 different colours, baby pink, baby blue and white and are priced at £24.99 each from http://www.mymunchkin.co.uk

This would make a great gift for any expectant parent : )

Gemma : )

Get ‘Carried’ Away

My mum constantly told me to use a baby carrier when I first had Elodie, she said; it keeps your hands free and it is so much easier to get out and about. For her it really helped when she had me as a baby and Gemma as a two-year old toddler, she could easily take care of us both whilst still getting things done.

Even though I really love my pram/stroller, it is heavy and the wheels are quite big (Quinny) and whilst out shopping the they can get caught on the stands and it also doesn’t fit into those tight spaces etc.

Therefore I decided to take my mums advice, I purchased a baby ring sling which you place over your shoulder and across your body and lay baby comfortably inside it. It cradles baby keeping them secure, warm and close to your chest. I purchased mine from a website called ‘Koochyroo’ they have a variety of prints, fabrics and colours and they are very stylish, making your sling an accessory with a purpose! My particular ring sling was priced at £60.00.

It’s very safe, practical and really does help whilst out and about, I especially think this could be one for the daddies too!

Most good baby sling and carrier stockists will have a section on there website giving you guidance and advice on the best sling for you and your needs.

Prices vary depending on budget.

Here’s a few good helpful stockists;


mmmmmmm shoes

We at blues and bows absolutely love shoes, so when we came across PreShoes you can imagine just how excited we were. Founded in 2009 by a mummy of two Susie Warner, PreShoes offer gorgeously stylish soft leather shoes for babies and toddlers at affordable prices.

See for yourself, they’re fun, cheeky and cute and what more excellent quality!

Available from PreShoes online shop and priced at £15.99 +pp visit http://www.preshoes.co.uk/home.asp

We just love them : )

Baby Wipes Tried & Tested!!!!

First of all before I go off on a ramble I just want to say my blog posts are purely based on my opinion and products which I have found work best for my own personal needs.

Right, with that out-of-the-way back to my post topic – Baby Wipes.

I don’t think you will find any mum without these, they’re a life saver at times when it comes to our messy little ones, and yes the market is packed with lots of different brands. Who, might I add are ultimately doing the same thing but some do it better than others!

I have actually found my favourite brand which happens to be Pampers baby sensitive wipes. My reasoning behind this shall be revealed shortly:

Here are a few brands I’ve tried along the way and my thoughts behind them:

Mamia Baby Wipes
Purchased from Aldi and this brand won the best value wipes award, as I am always one for a bargain I gave them a whirl.
Result: Great packaging, easy to open, wipes are a little thin and don’t hold moisture very well therefore I used a few in one go.
Price: around £1.20 for 80 wipes

Johnson’s Baby Skincare Wipes
Purchased from boots as they were on offer, bonus! Got a multi-pack with 3 packs altogether, love Johnson’s brand anyway so was expecting to love them.
Result: cute baby smell, great texture to wipes, moisturising and didn’t leave baby’s bum to wet. Only need to use a couple at a time-however unless they are on offer I won’t buy these because when you pull one wipe out you get about 10 stuck together!!! Very annoying at times when you need that 1 wipe fast and incurs a lot of wastage.
Price: I paid £1.27 for a multipack on offer in Boots Chemist.

Huggies Baby Wipes Pure
Purchased from Tesco again on offer, I see this brand on offer quite frequently in various places. Reluctant to try as I tried the nappies and wasn’t a fan.
Result: Very wet wipes, leaves babies bum far too wet which could result in nappy rash! Wipes are nice and thick but they tend to tear when pulled out of the pack and again come out in mass!
Price: £2.62 for 64 wipes however I got a multipack of 3 for around this price on offer.

Sensitive Baby Wipes 
Purchased from Superdrug, I am already a fan of this brands products and like to use the face wipes myself so I’m looking forward to using the baby wipes.
Result: Good and I would buy these again if on offer, however I found the wipes once again a little too wet and large, and they come in a big packet which I didn’t like due to storage and space consumption in my changing bag.
Price: £1.45 from Superdrug.

Pampers Baby Sensitive Wipes with aloe & amp; chamomile 
Its official: I’m a pampers mummy! Love the nappies, love the wipes! One comes out at a time, great texture, moisturising with aloe and chamomile to soothe baby’s bottom, lovely smell, great grab size pack, can purchase multipacks on offer. Not the best value but you definitly don’t need to use many wipes so you will save money based upon the reduction in wastage.
Price: £1.99 for 56 wipes, multipack buys are your best bet with this brand.

(Prices are only a guide)

Hope that helps you a little!

Happy Friday : )


ooii handmade soft sandals by Zuzii

Look how beautiful these ooii handmade soft sandals are by Zuzii. We came across them on Etsy and fell in love with them immediately.You have to agree that they are a must have accessory to complete any outfit and they look amazing. They even come in a variety of colours for you to choose from!

How can you not fall in love with them! And more importantly they are designed to give total freedom and comfort for those tiny feet!

Oh and we forgot to mention the matching headbands!!!

Just adorable!!!