About Us 4….

blues and bows has been created by sisters Gemma and Chloë, to bring you a whole host of useful and inspiring information centred around everything to do with babies.

Believe it or not but there were 723,913 babies born in the UK in 2011, that in mind there was ‘One born every minute’.

We were new to the baby scene when Chloë gave birth to Èlodie (her beautiful little girl) in January 2011 and we came to realise that there was an absolute need for a baby blog that simply shared information and inspiration centered around everything to do with babies. A place that makes you smile, makes everyday parenting simpler by using fantastic products and nik naks we’ve never heard of. A place that inspires and informs and finally a place where we can share our own experiences.

Before Èlodie was born and me being the excited Aunty Gem, I just wanted to buy everything and anything that was cute yet different but found it so difficult. I wanted unique and adorable gifts wrapped in beautiful packaging, finished with big bows. Instead I got plastic carrier bags or jiffy bags put through the letter box, hardly inspirational.

What really surprised us was how concealed the baby market is! Where are all the cute romper suits and matching bonnets, baby soft blankets and beautiful nursery decorations that don’t cost the earth? Why do our retailers sell mini denim skirts for new-born babies and shoes that they simply cannot keep on? This is a huge slice of the retail market and we as consumers want and need to buy, we want gorgeous, adorable and functional products.

Other than the usual high street stores, where do you buy these cute, adorable and unique products from? Wrapped in beautiful packaging?

Babies are babies for such a short period and we need to enjoy them as babies for as long as we possibly can! We definitely don’t need them to look like mini adults.

So, we are going to share everything that we have found and find and have learnt and continue to learn with you! Time is of the essence when you are a mummy and the need for simplicity is paramount. Even more importantly we need to spread the word and make everyone aware that we have merely scratched the surface when it comes to the baby world.

We hope you love reading it as much as we love writing it and hopefully we will help to create a truly wonderful experience.

Most of all we hope it makes you smile!

Enjoy and please share us with your friends.

with love

Gemma, Chloe, Elodie and Blake x


3 thoughts on “About Us 4….

  1. Just stumbled across your site today, I love it! Can you tell me who makes those adorable baby outfits the three babies are wearing in the photo you have (wearing pink, blue and brown sets with ears on the hats)? I’d love to find them! I have copied down your list of what to pack in the hospital bag, it was a good one! I will keep checking in for more great ideas in the coming months!

    • Hello, thank you so much for your kind words! The image is actually one by Anne Geddes shes a very talented and world re-knowned photographer and so we do not know where the outfits are from. However completely agree that they are utterly adorable!!! We’ll keep a look out and if we find something similar we will blog about them. We’re so happy the list proved useful, keep in touch and good luck with everything : )

      Chloe, Gemma & Baby Elodie

      P.S We simply love cute x

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