My Buggy Buddy Weights

My Buggy Buddy WeightsOooooh we love a little gadget especially if it’s going to make parenthood simpler in the process, so we would like to share with you ‘My Buggy Buddy Weights’. Fabulous little product that was designed by two fathers to eliminate the problem of our buggies tipping over when overloaded. We’ve all experienced it and it is quite scary when it happens but it is so easily done. Products that are born out of practical parenting knowledge are always the best and really do serve to eliminate real parenting problems just like this.

These are very easy to use, they quite simply wrap around the buggy frame and velcro in place. The discreet slimline design doesn’t interfere with the manoeuvrability of your buggy and they sit higher on the frame to keep them a little cleaner.

We love this product and they are a very cost-effective solution : ) averaging around £10.00.

Available from most major retailers visit for more information on stockists.

With love blues and bows : )


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