Gummee Glove

0_0_0_0_260_173_csupload_53562842_largeHow did we miss this?

I was browsing through twitter last night whilst engaging in the networking session held by #buybritishbrands and I stumbled across the Gummee Glove! Well, lets just say I was a wee bit excited! How did such an amazing product steer clear of blues and bows! We love it and can completely relate to the story behind its creation.

Blake is now 3 months old and chewing like a trooper on his little fists, he’s not quite able to hold a teething ring and so he rely’s solely on his little hands. The Gummee Glove is a mitten which can be secured to baby’s hand with a safe & secure velcro clasp, it features a detachable water filled teething ring, numerous protrusions for baby to teeth on, a black and white crinkle square and its very own travel bag.

A total stroke of genius! There’s no wonder this is an award-winning product, so simple yet so functional!

We simply love it! Pop over to where you can buy you’re very own for just £9.99 + pp

Enjoy : )Picture 57


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