For all you parents out there going through the weaning stages, we think this is exactly what you need! I tried so many different products which claim to stick to the high chair but none and I mean none worked. 

After much deliberation that I may possibly have created a ‘Hulk’ child and even thought of entering Elodie into a strongest baby competition (just joking)- I come to the conclusion that these products are a total utter waste of money! 

So like most I spent my weaning days picking up spoons, bowls and food off the floor. 

I have to admit I often felt like crying, as like a good mummy wanting nothing but the best for my baby,I bought all my Annabel Karmel weaning books (godsend by the way) and spent most of my time whilst Elodie was taking naps creating these delicious recipe’s for her to try. So when she simply disregarded the food and decided it was more fun to throw it on the floor I did feel very disheartened 😦  

However after this amazing ‘Award Winning’ little device we found you dont have to feel this way! whoopee! 


Yes, we know what your thinking….. this looks like any other bowl, not so! This bowl has super suction power and will stick and stay put on any highchair or smooth surface. 


It has a childproof locking system, is simple and very easy to fit, comes in 3 different colours and is BPA PVC and latex free. 

Get it at amazon for around £4.99!


Have a lovely day 🙂 


Chloe x






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