Nappy Rash…


It’s the one thing that we all dread our little babies bums getting, it looks so sore and is extremely uncomfortable and upsetting for the little one’s and can occur for a number of reasons.


I have found Pampers nappies to be a god send, the most absorbent (and believe me i’ve tried all brands of all price ranges) and my little girl did not tend to suffer too much with this problem. Also I use Pampers sensitive baby wipes, I am a Pampers mummy for sure. 

It wasn’t until my little girl started teething that I realised the sheer pain and discomfort nappy rash can cause and I even resulted to taking her to the doctors on a couple of occasions. (always seek medical advice in severe cases)

It was a family member who recommended I try a product called Metanium
Its a thick yellow ointment which is for treatment of nappy rash and you only need to apply a tiny amount but be careful not to get it on clothing etc as it can be a pain to wash out. Only use for small periods of time, so say for a couple of days, I usually only apply 3 x per day at the most as this is a ‘treatment ointment’.


Matanium is a miracle cream and I believe it should be in every parents emergency kit for those times when nappy rash strikes. 

So to my delight whilst stocking up on this miracle cream, I found Metanium have now launched an everyday version of the ointment! It’s white in colour and comes in a tube so easy to open and is really lovely to apply! I’ve tried and tested it and am really happy with the results. 


I have always used sudacrem but on the 2 occasions that my little girl has had severe nappy rash I have applied it and had to quickly run her to the bath to instantly wash it off as she has screamed the house down! So something in this product must sting the skin so just be aware of that. 

However with Metanium I have never had this problem and I would highly recommend you try both versions of the cream and see what you think!

Fragrance free, Lanolin free: ingredients Titanium Dioxide, White Soft Paraffin, Light Liquid Paraffin, Dimeticone 

Prices vary but to give you an idea I paid £2.99. 

Have a lovely day filled with Sunshine 🙂

Chloe x


Please Note: this is my personal opinion of products that I have purchased and used and what I have found suited my baby the most, it may not work for everyone and others may find certain products work better.  


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