Whilst I was out shopping yesterday, I looking for little bits and bobs for the new addition to the family – due in October. I found a few little nifty things, like ‘Glow in the Dark’ dummies for instance, whoever came up with that Genius idea? I want to kiss them !! 

It wasn’t these however that made me squeal out loud on the aisle! 

Drum Role Please…….. 


Let me introduce you to the answer to all our Mummy and Daddy prayers… 


Milton Dummy Sterilizer! whoopee! 

I hate to put my little girls dummy in my mouth and I have resulted to this on several occasions when she has thrown her dummy on the floor! With no running water or other cleaning devices it’s usually me that cleanses it followed by a baby wipe. Yuk huh!

So when I saw this I just couldn’t contain my excitement, what an amazing handy little device! 


Referred to as the ‘Mini’ Milton have newly launched the dummy sterilizer which comes with an attached strap to enable you to fix onto your bag/pram so you always have it to hand. 


All you do is simply add water and one of the Milton sterilise tablets and the sponge inside soaks the teat for fifteen minutes and makes it clean and germ free for the little bambino! I immediately purchased two and it will defiantly be a gift from me from now on to whoever I know is expecting. 

             Image     Image


Its reason’s like this why bluesandbows love to blog 🙂 

Love Chloe x 




Priced at around £8 and worth every penny.

Find stockist here-www.milton-tm.com


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