Beautiful maternity lingerie

At 24 weeks pregnant I am still yet to invest in my first set of maternity underwear and lets just say i’m a little fussy. I can’t bear to wear non-matching sets or plain black or white, so as you can imagine it’s proven to be a challenge! My personal experience of buying maternity wear has been that of mixed emotions, it’s either very frumpy and expensive, modern yet limited or cheap and nasty. I sit in the middle tier and have struggled with the transition from my usual girly dresses, high heels and vibrant matching lingerie sets.

So, lets combat the underwear issue…..

I’ve found some beautiful sets that are modern, feminine and not too pricey and I thought I would share them with you! The three sets above are by a brand called HOT Milk, there are plenty of stockists in the UK and internationally and prices vary depending on style. Visit to see the entire collection and for more information on stockists.

The below three sets are from the new collection by Elle Macpherson, sold in a number of retailers across the UK and internationally and again not too pricey but definitely worth the investment, visit

It really is surprising how uncomfortable your underwear can get whilst pregnant and in all honesty I didn’t really know what to expect in terms of my changing body shape. We all change and grow at different rates and no two bodies are the same, so, at the point in which you feel you need to invest, go for it! You’ll feel more comfortable and confident. I am certainly at the point at which I need to invest before I have bits and bobs pooping out left right and centre, let me know how you get on and if you’ve stumbled upon great finds.

with love, Gemma x


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