PacaPod – the Audi of the changing bag world!

If like me you have searched for the ultimate changing bag that is stylish yet functional then look no further. The PacaPod is pure genius! Designed by mum of two Jacqueline Waggett, the PacaPod is everything you could wish for, the Audi of the changing bag world. I’ve literally just stumbled across this myself and let me just tell you, boy am I glad I did.

There is quite literally a design and style to suit everyone’s taste and lets face it, that is quite a difficult task these days. However PacaPod do it incredibly well. Each bag has two neat and detachable PacaPods that organise feeding and changing items so that they are easily accessible whilst preventing cross contamination of food and changing products. Not only do these neat Pacapods fit discreetly into the outer bag but they can also be used as separate outer pods which attach to your pram if you need extra space for items such as a laptop or change of clothes for baby in the main outer bag.

Each bag is designed to a first class specification having compartments for keys, phones, purses and even travel documents. The pram attachments on each bag/pod are simple yet functional and allow you to simply attach your changing bag to your prams handle bar without the need to carry it around.

There is no stone unturned when it comes to the PacaPods, you only need to watch the promotional video ( and I can guarantee that you will be joining the PacaPod fan group! I certainly have : )

Truly inspirational and definitely worth every single hard-earned penny! Take a look prices vary between £65.00 and £200.00 depending on design.

Love Gemma x


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