Travel Time….

As if going away with a baby isnt stressful enough you literally have to pack the whole house! Leaving very little for anything you may need or want to take, welcome to your new life!

So eventually you conquer the travel time and arrive at your destination, unload and unpack. No doubt you will have forgotten something and usually, that something, will be your bit of something you really wanted to take, (leave the tantrums to the baby). Never mind as long as baby has everything and they are happy this is all that matters. If like me, you are not too keen on the idea of using travel cots which are supplied by hotels, then you will have spent months looking for the perfect one and if you have still yet to buy a travel cot, well, you’re in luck!

Blues and Bows have found it for you!

The Graco Contour travel cot is (we think) one of the best, it has a mobile with toys to entertain baby, comes in different colours, has a changing unit which can be attached and has a detachable mat which can be raised or lowered depending on baby’s age. You can also buy extra’s for instance a side panel which has inserts for nappies, clothes etc.

I used this cot myself on a trip and I found it very useful, easy to assemble and comfy for baby to sleep in. Also the side pockets came in handy for storage!

Prices vary depending on where you buy but range from £100-£190.

love Chloe x


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