Baby’s First Words

Baby’s first word is always a memorable one, Elodie’s was Da-da!  After the experience of childbirth and bringing my little one into the world, I would have thought my reward could have been Ma-ma as her first word but oh no daddy gets the honour instead. 🙂 

All the same I congratulated her and encouraged her to say it again and again! Now she has mastered a few, one being ma-ma! yey! 

This moves me onto a fantastic gift my sisters mother-in-law gave to us,….


Simple First Words, Baby and toddler books are a brilliant learning source for your children. Each page has pictures, words, numbers and names etc and a button featuring the picture and a voice over which sounds the word to the child. This encourages their learning of the word and also word association and pronunciation.

 Image         ImageImageImage

Elodie now has the whole collection and I have introduced them to her as a fun toy to play with, helping to develop her speech. I also love the idea that they’re books as it’s a great way of introducing reading into a child’s daily routine whilst also keeping it fun and engaging.

Available in most good books stores, prices vary depending on supplier, I purchased Elodie’s from amazon. 



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