I feel that most of my days spent with my 14 month old consist of the same warnings,

“Mind your Fingers”

“Watch your head”

“Don’t put that in your mouth”

followed by tears after she ignores all of the above and persists to do it anyway! 

This lead me to write this post as I now realise, more than ever, that I need to child proof my home, corners, doors, cupboards, draws etc. All of these need to be off bounds from my inquisitive, strong-minded little girl. 

There are a lot of things on the market that are not too expensive, easy to find and easy to assemble, however i’ve been on the search for cupboard/draw child proof locks that I don’t have to screw into my cupboard doors. Whilst searching through amazon I found the perfect solution: 

‘BabyDan Magnetic Draw and Cupboard Lock’

With this handy little device you do not need to screw it into the draw it just sticks on the inside of the cupboard or draw and  has a magnetic key which once applied to the outer side of the draw unlocks the lock and opens the draw. 

I would however suggest that you purchase a few of the magnetic keys incase you do misplace one! 


I think this is a perfect, easy, no stress solution and it wont ruin your cupboard doors! 

Find them at in the ‘baby safety’ section. 

Chloe x


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