Dr Browns

If you are pregnant and are about to invest in your first set of bottles then we would definitely recommend you consider Dr Browns. Elodie suffered from colic and as a result I was advised by a midwife friend to try Dr Browns bottles, lets just say I never looked back.

Dr Browns bottles have an internal 2 piece vent that is patented and works unlike any other bottle brand on the market. This system prevents air from mixing with the milk which in turn preserves essential nutrients like vitamins A, C and E. I noticed an instant difference with the way Elodie fed, she was no longer ingesting air bubbles through bottle feeding and as a result feeding more comfortably. I’m by no means suggesting these are the answer to all your problems but they certainly made a dramatic difference to Elodie and the way she fed, slept and her general well-being.

In addition this is a multi award-winning product with fantastic reviews!

To find out more about Dr Browns please visit the website at http://www.drbrowns.co.uk.Available from Boots, Kiddiecare and breastpumps.co.uk


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