‘French Children Don’t Throw Food’

This post is somewhat different to our usual ones. I came across this fantastic book whilst on a trip this weekend, it was somewhat relevant to my weekends antics and probably the main reason it caught my eye as I am not one to raise my daughter by a ‘book’.

I believe they do help and can give good advice however becoming a mother has made me realise parenting is such a personal thing and we all do things differently.

However I am intrigued by the French culture and the title of this book grabbed me and so I decided to buy and immediately begin to read…… 2 hours later and yes I was still reading!! In fact I read this book the whole journey home!

The Author Pamela Druckerman released ‘French Children Don’t Throw Food’ on the 19th January 2012, secretly I’m wishing she had released this a year earlier when my daughter was first-born! She writes in a very humorous, light and informative tone and I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself as I found her so easy to relate too.

Pamela is a journalist herself, a mother of 3 children and lives in Paris with her husband a sport journalist. She gives a fair and honest outlook on the ways we raise our children and her observations on the French way, of course she has given the topic lots of research so all information is true to form.

I just found it so fascinating to read about how we English and Americans differ in parenting to the French and for me any book which says: ‘Most French Children sleep through the night from 2 months old’ I think is worth a read.

I would defiantly recommend this book to mothers to read not for the answer to all your baby/children problems but to just give you a different outlook on parenting and see how cultural differences may work better.

Purchase from and good book shop or amazon, price varies.

Happy Monday mummies and daddies



2 thoughts on “‘French Children Don’t Throw Food’

  1. I think I’m going to have to buy a copy, out of curiosity. I’m bringing up my son in Spain and the differences in child-rearing between Spain and the UK/Ireland are immense. It’s amazing how deep-seated our child-rearing tendencies are though – I find myself quite reactionary on this theme. It’s got to be said that Spanish babies do sleep well on the whole and Spanish teenagers are actually a delight!

    • We’d definitely recommend you do, it’s a great read and if anything it opens up your approach to child rearing. Let us know if you find a Spanish version it would be great to see how the different cultures vary. Judging by what you said it seems the Spanish have it nailed.

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