Love is in the air

Valentines days is a great excuse to get dressed up, eat truly amazing food and be spoiled rotten. We love it and this Valentines day we want our readers to feel fabulous and enjoy it just as much as we do. The mummy’s to be out there will all agree that being pregnant and looking a million dollars can be quite challenging. Your shape changes quite radically, you gain weight where you never did before and you have to cover up certain areas that you’ve never paid attention too.

If like us you always end up buying a pair of shoes instead of clothing because they’re the one thing that you can buy without feeling disappointed, then we have the solution.

Isabella Oliver, this is the one name you need to remember! Perfect for occasion wear, perfect for making you look and feel fabulous and perfect for a shopping spree without the hassle of trudging around shops in search of something that doesn’t exist.

There online store makes us smile just by simply logging onto it, with its abundance of fashion must haves, bright colours and amazing designs you really cant help but treat yourself. Gone are the days of looking frumpy and here are the days when pregnant woman can look on trend, fabulous and feminine! Wooohooooo

You really must take a trip over to the website, trust me you will love it, and more importantly you will most definitely find a fabulous dress for Valentines Day : )

Thats Amore x


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