Travel solutions for babies and toddlers

Many of you if not all of you will have experienced your sleeping babies head rolling around or slumped over their shoulders whilst travelling around in a car seat or buggy. We all know how incredibly uncomfortable this is and the after effect of sore neck muscles is not pleasant.

Good neck support is crucial to young babies during their early months as this is the time when their skeletal structures develop the most. Ensuring good neck support is in place when travelling around will in turn help babies develop better postures, rest more comfortably and wake up happier.

The neck saver from Baberoo is an award-winning product that can be used across different platforms such as in a car seat, buggy, high chair, swing etc.

“Baberoo NeckSaver is ergonomically designed to cradle the baby’s head, thereby reducing strain on the neck. Its shape is designed to fit the unique size and shape of an infant’s neck”.

This is a reasonably priced solution to this problem and we love the variety of designs, bright colours and soft textures.

A definite must have for all those sleeping beauties out there! Visit the online shop at Baberoo

Priced at just £10.00 + PP


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