Taking time out to read with your little one is something that we should all make time to do. Elodie loves to sit and turn the pages and she is now starting to visually connect with the images. One of her favorite books is a visual animal book and it’s really funny to see her refer to the dog as ‘Toddie’ (our family westie) and she’s got the high pitch sound to a tee. However at the minute she thinks that every dog is ‘Toddie’ but it’s so cute.

There are some truly amazing books out there for all ages and we wanted to share one of our favorites with you, Peepo. Many of you will have already come across this classic from Janet & Allan Ahlberg, published in 1981, this book still delights parents and children. The story is set in the 1940’s and offers a nostalgic look at time gone by, with tin baths and hot porridge. The story is centered around a day in the life of a little baby, we get to see things through his eyes from waking in his cot to going to the park and each page has a circle cut out that allows us to take a peep through to life on the next page.

The illustration style captures the period and is plentiful and visually appeals to both little one and story-reader. With is simple verse, rhyme and repetition and the inclusion of everyday objectives, this really is a must have book for any nursery bookshelf.

You can buy this from all good bookshops and online at Amazon.


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