If you are an expecting mummy and you’re wondering what to include in your hospital bag then wonder no more. We have put together this list of must haves based upon Chloës experience and lets just say it was definitely an experience!

Mummy’s Bag

*Maternity notes and birth plan (if you have made one)

*2 night dresses with button fastening (these really make life simple when trying to breast feed for the first time) Also don’t spend a fortune on these because things can get pretty messy!

*2 pairs of comfortable pajamas or lounge wear (Once its all over you’ll be so glad to change into something clean, comfortable and that looks nice for your visitors)

*Dressing gown as it can be chilly and you’ll want to coverup if you leave your little birth suite.

*Slippers are essential for all the pacing you are going to do and also pack…

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