Who needs a highchair…

We’re sure most of you have experienced the difficulty of feeding a baby/toddler without the help of a highchair! It’s not impossible but it is unbelievably difficult and a whole lot easier and less messier if you have one. I’ve still got little specs of spaghetti bolognese in my rug from 6 months ago and as I don’t have my own children I don’t own a highchair, but, I do have my little niece Elodie.

We stumbled upon Totseat whilst doing some product research to try and find a solution to this problem and we are so happy we did! This is genius and certainly deserves the vast array of awards that it has already achieved from the industry.

The Totseat is a portable highchair that makes life-on-the-go a whole lot easier for both parent and child. It converts dining chairs, of all shapes and sizes, into a safe highchair for your little one. It is compact in its very own travel pouch, machine washable and comes with a lifetime guarantee! It’s perfect for babies who can sit unaided and trust us, this is worth every penny, at a very reasonable £24.00 + PP.

Totseat would make the most perfect gift, or travel companion and we definitely recommend it!

For more information visit http://www.totseat.com/english/home/ where you will also find the online shop where you can treat yourself or someone special.

Gemma : )


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