Cutie cutie tights…..

We here at blues and bows have been on the hunt for gorgeous tights for gorgeous little girls. They’re funny little things because they’re an absolute must have for these cooler seasons, but we seem to have limited choice.

Most stores seem to sell the same mono colour pairs and if you’re lucky you might pick up the odd frilly bum. There is also the question of price; how much are we willing to pay for a good quality pair of tights, that are versatile and look amazing?

So we’ve made it our mission to find adorable girlie tights that fit the brief and guess what…we’ve done it! Mission Complete.

As you can see, these four little beauties are simply adorable and better still they’re by English brand Lilly and Sid and we simply love them to bits!

Each pair are priced at £10.00 and come with a gorgeous Lilly and Sid luxury gift bag and might we add we love this too!

These cute little tights come in a variety of designs and the vibrant colours will brighten up any baby’s day!

Take a look at the online shop at, we have absolutely no doubt that you will love the entire collection, we do!

Have fun : )


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