If we were an item of clothing we’d be a tutu!

Yes a tutu and not any tutu, it would have to be this particular one from Angel’s Face, one of our favorite brands! As it says one the website “Skirts are full and smiles are plenty” These adorable little pieces come in a variety of colours to suit every little girls dreams, we just happen to love the ‘tea rose tutu’. Its adorable, fabulous and full of frills and even more importantly it is most certainly cute!

Babies, toddlers and little girls would love to swoon around the house in one of these, trust us! It is definitely a must have and would make a fabulous gift! Angels Face will dispatch within 48 hours and they come gorgeously gift wrapped in a vintage box to create a more heavenly experience.

Prices vary but our favorite is £35.00 + PP, one may think a little on the pricey side but considering the fun and enjoyment they create we feel they are worth every penny.

Go on have a little peep and dream of owning one yourself : ) we did!

Visit the online shops at http://www.angels-face.co.uk/shop/


2 thoughts on “If we were an item of clothing we’d be a tutu!

  1. My daughter has this exact tutu – exact colour – she wore it to a birthday party last week. It’s fab – one of the best ‘netted’ skirts I’ve bought her so far. The quality is good – so the price makes sense.

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