Èlodies dish of the the week!

Èlodie is loving the delicious recipes put together by the super talented chefs at Ella’s Kitchen. The brand is amazing and the food is even more amazing, made using simple and natural super scrummy ingredients that ooze goodness. The packaging is fun, bright and makes meal times even more enjoyable, babies and toddlers can even have a go at feeding themselves by sucking on the spout! Simply delicious!

Èlodie’s favorite this week has been the Lovely Roast Lamb Dinner with all the Trimmings! These are just perfect if you are short of time and need a delicious meal on the go!

Organic vegetable stock 36%
(water and organic vegetables: carrots, parsnips, swedes, onions, leeks and peppercorns)
Organic potatoes 19%
Organic carrots 17%
Organic lamb 11%
Organic red cabbages 10%
Organic broccoli 4%
Organic parsnips 3%
Organic mint <0.1%
Other stuff 0%

Available from all the major super markets and sometimes they're on offer! Even better! Take a peep at Ella's Kitchen website for the complete product range.



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