Èlodies dish of the the week!

This week we tried the Chicken with cauliflower and sweet vegetable masala sauce from Plum Baby and it went down a treat! Èlodie loves the vast array of different foods and the variety of recipes we cook up for her, and we love cooking them too! Give it a go and tell us how it went down with your little one : )

Wrap the chicken breast in foil and dob a blob of butter in it. Cook in the oven at around 180C for 30 minutes until fully cooked (check to see that the meat is not pink in the middle). Take cauliflower and steam it for 5 minutes until soft. When cooked, fork it into a smooth mush and then add the pouch of Sweet vegetable masala sauce. When the chicken has cooled, dice into very small pieces (again dependant on the bite size of your baby) and combine with the cauliflower and sauce mix. Add a little more butter if desired for extra yumminess, and scoop away.

One chicken breast fillet – free range and organic of course
One large cauliflower floret
A knob of butter
One pouch of Mild vegetable masala sauce

Visit http://www.plum-baby.co.uk for more delicious recipes, tips and advice on weaning.

Enjoy x


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