Hospital bag ready and raring to go!

If you are an expecting mummy and you’re wondering what to include in your hospital bag then wonder no more. We have put together this list of must haves based upon Chloës experience and lets just say it was definitely an experience!

Mummy’s Bag

*Maternity notes and birth plan (if you have made one)

*2 night dresses with button fastening (these really make life simple when trying to breast feed for the first time) Also don’t spend a fortune on these because things can get pretty messy!

*2 pairs of comfortable pajamas or lounge wear (Once its all over you’ll be so glad to change into something clean, comfortable and that looks nice for your visitors)

*Dressing gown as it can be chilly and you’ll want to coverup if you leave your little birth suite.

*Slippers are essential for all the pacing you are going to do and also pack a couple of pairs of thick socks, just incase your feet get cold during the event!

*Underware, remember your super comfy stretchy pants and take about 6-9 pairs just incase. P.S dont spend a fortune on these either they’re probably not going to used again!

*Hair bands and bobbles are essential, it gets pretty ht and sweaty does giving birth and you definitely wont want your hair getting in the way.

*Lip balm, take a couple even if it’s just vaseline! It’s a godsend.

*Toiletries including toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, bodywash, shampoo & conditioner, body cream, facial moisturiser and face wipes. You might have to stay in a little longer than expected so it’s always best to be prepared.

*Maternity pads, we’d suggest a couple of packs.

*Nipple Cream, they can get a little sore and this is great.

*Breast Pads.

*Magazines, iPod or anything that will keep you and your birthing partner entertained. Chloë was in labour for almost 24 hours and through the night so everywhere was closed in the hospital.

*Nibbles and drinks for yourself and your birthing partner, we ended up ordering Dominoes pizza (Our hospital was fairly lenient and not all hospitals will allow you to do this). Looking back this was a little naughty as Chloë couldn’t eat anything : ). But leading up to the actually birth its good to have something to snack on. There will be vending machines but they tend to be fairly expensive and selective and throughout the day there will be the canteen but you know what they say about hospital food! So be prepared.

*A going home outfit, that is comfortable and easy to put on. Bear in mind that you are going to be a little sore and could possibly have a Caesarean section, (also C-section)

Baby’s Bag

*Newborn nappies, take 6 in your baby bag and leave the others in the car just in case.

*Baby wipes

*Cotton Pads to bathe baby

*Baby towel

*3/4 newborn baby grows with feet and mitts but not essential

*3/4 baby stud vests, preferably long sleeve

*Cardigan or jacket

*A couple of pairs of baby socks

*2 pairs of mitts

*2 soft baby hats

*Going home outfit including pram suit if in winter


*Car Seat

Chloe took two separate bags, one for her and one for baby : ) Good Luck!


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