Boc Boc mummy

I feel that babies bottles are a very hard subject to touch on, as I have learnt that all babies are different and what works for one may not work for another but I share this information with you as it comes from a very good source…..

My Cousin Karen is a midwife and has 3 boys of her own therefore all throughout my pregnancy she was my information guru. I bet she got sick of me messaging her every other day with this query and that query. She was amazing however and in actual fact a million times better than my allocated midwife, so I was very lucky to have her.

After my intense labour and once me and baby were allowed to go home she then also became my ‘Panic Button’. Babies are hard to understand at first so like most new mums I needed advice and help (and lots of it).

Elodie would cry a lot between 7-9pm every night and we would do everything we could to soothe her but nothing seemed to work. I was bottle feeding her as I could not breast feed but whenever she would have her bottle she would ‘sick it’ back up.

It me feel very upset and anxious, so one particular night I called Karen up in panic mode and she suggested that Elodie may have a bit of Colic and said for me to try her with a particular range of bottles called DR BROWN. She had used them with all her children and none suffered with colic therefore she thought they would help me.

So first thing the next day off I went to my local Boots Chemist and bought 6 Dr Brown anti-colic Bottles!

I have to say these bottles are absolutely amazing!

Within a week Elodie had calmed down at night-time and no longer had the crying stints and started to feed a lot better making her an all round happier and more enjoyable baby.

These truly are a life saver for anyone who wishes to try them.

Love Chloe x


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