Peekaboo I See You

Along comes baby and along goes your passenger seat! That’s right you’re demoted to the back seat until little one is old enough to sit in a car seat that faces forward. If like me u sit in the back with your little one just incase they need something whilst your partner drives then you will love this amazing product!

Rear facing car seats are a pain when it comes to travelling with little ones, therefore let me introduce you to a very handy mirror!!

Sunshine Kids Easy View back seat mirror, fastens easily to any headrest and pivots in a ball 360 degrees therefore you don’t have to move your rear view mirror. Once in place you can see your little one whilst driving and if you have a mirror in the sun visors in your car you can also view your little one from the passenger seat!

Woohoo!! I’d definitely call this an ‘investment’ Recommended retail price is £12.99 +pp and available from Amazon, Kiddicare and many more.

Hope this helps 🙂



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