Something you might relate too!

This is quite a funny story and I wanted to share it with you because even though I didn’t have the solution at the time, I have recently come across it and it made me chuckle!

When Èlodie was a tiny baby, Chloë had invited me and our cousin Liane for a bite to eat and to watch girly films and obviously to see the baby. Whilst their Chloë asked me and Liane if we wanted to bath Èlodie before bedtime and as you can imagine we jumped at the chance. Chloë filled the bath and popped Èlodie in and then left us to it, well, after the awkward start where by me and Liane looked at each other and said “what do we do” we finally got into it, singing and playing and washing baby!

Now here’s for the funny part, once we had finished I took Èlodies towel from the rail and balanced it on my chest, Liane then placed Èlodie on me and I wrapped her up, totally unaware that her face was actually in the hood of the towel! Talk about amateurs, well we could not stop laughing. I then had to pass Èlodie to Liane and attempt to turn her round, it was a right old farce! We were completely wet through, crying with laughter and little Èlodie must have thought, what a set of nincompoops we have here!

Anyhow, I came across this organic baby apron towel made by My Munchin and it is just what I needed absolute genius! No balancing of towel needed, keeps your hands free and keeps you dry!

Every mummy should have one! They come in 3 different colours, baby pink, baby blue and white and are priced at £24.99 each from

This would make a great gift for any expectant parent : )

Gemma : )


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