Get ‘Carried’ Away

My mum constantly told me to use a baby carrier when I first had Elodie, she said; it keeps your hands free and it is so much easier to get out and about. For her it really helped when she had me as a baby and Gemma as a two-year old toddler, she could easily take care of us both whilst still getting things done.

Even though I really love my pram/stroller, it is heavy and the wheels are quite big (Quinny) and whilst out shopping the they can get caught on the stands and it also doesn’t fit into those tight spaces etc.

Therefore I decided to take my mums advice, I purchased a baby ring sling which you place over your shoulder and across your body and lay baby comfortably inside it. It cradles baby keeping them secure, warm and close to your chest. I purchased mine from a website called ‘Koochyroo’ they have a variety of prints, fabrics and colours and they are very stylish, making your sling an accessory with a purpose! My particular ring sling was priced at £60.00.

It’s very safe, practical and really does help whilst out and about, I especially think this could be one for the daddies too!

Most good baby sling and carrier stockists will have a section on there website giving you guidance and advice on the best sling for you and your needs.

Prices vary depending on budget.

Here’s a few good helpful stockists;



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