Yummy Mummy

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It’s the weekend and as always blues and bows just love to give you a little treat to make you smile.

Our moto is that ‘ We Simply Love Cute’
So imagine our squeals of excitement when we introduce to you a very special bag!!!

Gold Award winning, Pink Lining, Yummy Mummy changing bags are not only cute but also very practical. Designed by a mummy of 3 children who clearly knows her stuff, these bags are a godsend. They make your pram look just that bit more stylish and have a compartment and space for just about everything you will need when you take your little cutie pie out.

I’m very lucky to have one of these it was purchased by my lovely sister as a Christmas present before Èlodie was born and I also used this as my baby’s hospital bag.

Mine in particular has a girly bow design and of course the signature Pink Lining (hence the name)

It also has,
2 bottle holders that are insulated
2 nappy/food compartments
A mirror which is attached inside (love this)
A changing matt (bow design)
A plastic mini bag (for wipes/cream)
Lots of space to put bibs or a change of clothes in
2 pockets on the outside edges of bag (could be used for extra bottles)
1 pocket on the front (I use for teethers)

It has an extendable and removable across the body strap or can be simply handheld.

This bag is stylish, gorgeous and definitely cute and adds a bit of luxury to those trips out and about. It also has a little way of reminding you of what u may need or have forgotten as each compartment has a purpose so if it’s empty you know something is missing!

This bag ticks all the right boxes and makes what is a mammoth task of leaving the house a little easier.

Mine was purchased from John Lewis for £70, take a look at http://www.pinklining.co.uk to find a stockist near you and to see the entire range of bags, you’ll love them : ) p.s check out individual stores too, they have bespoke bags made especially for them eg John Lewis

Here’s to the Weekend 



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