Baby Wipes Tried & Tested!!!!

First of all before I go off on a ramble I just want to say my blog posts are purely based on my opinion and products which I have found work best for my own personal needs.

Right, with that out-of-the-way back to my post topic – Baby Wipes.

I don’t think you will find any mum without these, they’re a life saver at times when it comes to our messy little ones, and yes the market is packed with lots of different brands. Who, might I add are ultimately doing the same thing but some do it better than others!

I have actually found my favourite brand which happens to be Pampers baby sensitive wipes. My reasoning behind this shall be revealed shortly:

Here are a few brands I’ve tried along the way and my thoughts behind them:

Mamia Baby Wipes
Purchased from Aldi and this brand won the best value wipes award, as I am always one for a bargain I gave them a whirl.
Result: Great packaging, easy to open, wipes are a little thin and don’t hold moisture very well therefore I used a few in one go.
Price: around £1.20 for 80 wipes

Johnson’s Baby Skincare Wipes
Purchased from boots as they were on offer, bonus! Got a multi-pack with 3 packs altogether, love Johnson’s brand anyway so was expecting to love them.
Result: cute baby smell, great texture to wipes, moisturising and didn’t leave baby’s bum to wet. Only need to use a couple at a time-however unless they are on offer I won’t buy these because when you pull one wipe out you get about 10 stuck together!!! Very annoying at times when you need that 1 wipe fast and incurs a lot of wastage.
Price: I paid £1.27 for a multipack on offer in Boots Chemist.

Huggies Baby Wipes Pure
Purchased from Tesco again on offer, I see this brand on offer quite frequently in various places. Reluctant to try as I tried the nappies and wasn’t a fan.
Result: Very wet wipes, leaves babies bum far too wet which could result in nappy rash! Wipes are nice and thick but they tend to tear when pulled out of the pack and again come out in mass!
Price: £2.62 for 64 wipes however I got a multipack of 3 for around this price on offer.

Sensitive Baby Wipes 
Purchased from Superdrug, I am already a fan of this brands products and like to use the face wipes myself so I’m looking forward to using the baby wipes.
Result: Good and I would buy these again if on offer, however I found the wipes once again a little too wet and large, and they come in a big packet which I didn’t like due to storage and space consumption in my changing bag.
Price: £1.45 from Superdrug.

Pampers Baby Sensitive Wipes with aloe & amp; chamomile 
Its official: I’m a pampers mummy! Love the nappies, love the wipes! One comes out at a time, great texture, moisturising with aloe and chamomile to soothe baby’s bottom, lovely smell, great grab size pack, can purchase multipacks on offer. Not the best value but you definitly don’t need to use many wipes so you will save money based upon the reduction in wastage.
Price: £1.99 for 56 wipes, multipack buys are your best bet with this brand.

(Prices are only a guide)

Hope that helps you a little!

Happy Friday : )



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