Night nights sleepy head

It’s babies night-time and if you are like me then you will have a set routine which you do every night-time. Generally this consists of a nice warm bath where we play with bath toys sing lullabies and of course wash baby. Followed by a nice baby massage and another lullaby (usually twinkle little star), a big kiss and cuddle and then we sit in the rocking chair and give baby her bottle.

I love it more than anything!

I remember whilst I was in hospital after having Èlodie I was advised to not put anything in her bath until a few months due to the skins natural oils, it made it made complete sense but I was a little sad as I had stocked up on lots of beautiful smelling baby bath products.

Eventually, I started to introduce Infacare baby bath foam, my mum used this with myself and my sister and the smell has personal memories and it is a lovely gentle formula for babies delicate skin.

At night-time I use something a little more Special…… Johnson’s baby bedtime bath with lavender.

The first time I used this I fell in love with the smell! It’s delicate and beautiful and the lavender helps soothe, calm and relax your baby!

If those 3 words don’t make you mummies out there run to buy this, then nothing will! Let’s face it sleep is no longer a thing which we can relate to these days. It actually did those 3 things! At first I only used a very tiny amount and applied the lotion afterwards just to baby’s chest so she would inhale the aroma. It really helped to relax and soothe her into a gentle sleep.

I’m not one to brag but my little girl has slept through from the age of 3 months old so I am very lucky indeed and sometimes mums ask me my secret, well I truly believe this is it! Or at least it has been a huge contribution!

Try it for yourself and here’s too a long-awaited good nights sleep!

Mmmmmmzzzzzzzzz 😉 Chloe


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