Bump Bump Baby!

Finally it’s appeared!!!! That beautiful bump that for the past 3 months you’ve stood in front of the mirror analysing from side to side to see if there’s any sign of it and thinking, there is a baby in there somewhere???

Now for the next task facing you pregnant proud mummy’s to-be……

How to dress your bump to perfection like it deserves!!!

Well, it seems (I thought so anyway) that for some reason ‘some ‘ designers/Shops think that Pregnancy equals frumpy, non flattering clothing that conceals what you have longed to show off!

This my lady friends is NOT so! I searched and I searched until I found something that made me and my beautiful bump feel fabulous at a price that was affordable considering I was only going to wear it for a short period…..

Tips I found helpful:

*Buy leggings and nice long tops or dresses
*Don’t spend a fortune unless you really want to
*Look out for sales on maternity wear
*A long white shirt is the must have item
*Buy 1 or 2 beautiful going out dresses, that can be transformed using accessories
*Ponchos are a godsend
*Maxi dresses, another godsend

Shops that fit my criteria:

H&M Mama range, usually located near to the children’s range in store, great for those necessities and work wear.

TOPSHOP great for fashion statement pieces, a lot of the main ladies range is also made in maternity! Look out for the sales here.

ASOS fabulous range of all types of maternity wear, good fit, fast delivery, excellent sales. Great for evening wear too.

Bravissimo for all your maternity underware! I Swear by this brand!

Ladies this is a time were u can finally forget buying those clothes you will ‘one day’ slim into and buy those clothes you will very shortly grow into!!!




2 thoughts on “Bump Bump Baby!

  1. I’m a big fan of H&M maternity! And yes, totally agree with you on the bump appearance. It just all of a sudden happened for me too 🙂

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