Rubber Duckie

We’ll never forget the very first time we bathed our brand new baby girl! It was an exciting experience but we had no idea what temperature the water should be or how much we should even put in her little bath and she was also a very floppy baby. It made what is a very intimate and bonding moment between parent and baby a little bit of a worry.

So as u can imagine I was delighted to come across a very special rubber duckie!!

Made by Munchkin this handy little device operates with a White hot safety disc on the bottom of the duck which reveals the word ‘Hot’ when the bath water is too hot for baby. It then let’s you know that it is safe to put your baby in, It also doubles up as a great teething toy.

Munchkin aim to make parenting safer, easier and more fun and they understand that it is often the little things that make the biggest difference.

Just Genius, and a must have for all new babies.

Available from Tesco, Amazon and Kiddicare RRP £2.50 but may vary

Chloë x


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