The Perfect Nursery

A baby’s nursery is the one thing that makes you feel complete. So much effort goes into making it absolutely perfect ready for baby’s arrival and the feeling of exciting and happiness overcomes you. But the moment you make those finishing touches and finally complete it, is the moment that you feel a sense of achievement and pride.

All the more reason to get it right, we at blues and bows searched high and low for the perfect nursery decor for baby Èlodies nursery. Not knowing her sex limited us to neutral colours like greens, yellows, browns and ivories, hardly the most inspiring of colours! Until, we came across CoCaLo in Canada, a brand that is incredibly creative with great attention detail. Using innovative designs combined with fabulous colour and texture combinations CoCaLo have a truly inspirational range of nursery collections. The best thing about CoCaLo is that you can buy the cot linen, the window valence, the wall stickers, the lamp, the nappy stacker, and the matching toy box and more, all in one complete range!

It’s an amazing investment and absolutely perfect! Èlodie loves it and you will too.

Available from a range of UK retailers, take a look at the link for a complete list


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