Sunshine Kids Buggy Buddy

Buggy Buddy,

Alert to all mums!! I love my pram! After much debate and months of pondering which one to get, I finally decided on a Quinny. I Can’t fault it, its easy to use, strong and protects my little one, plus it looks stylish too.

However one thing that does bug me is – there is nowhere to put my drink or keys or lip gloss. If like me whilst out with little Èlodie, I take everything but the kitchen sink for her and leave no room to put those little necessities I may need myself.

So I searched high and low to find the answer to my problem and guess what……. I found it!!!

The Buggy Buddy is by a brand called Sunshine Kids Juvenile Products, it costs £9.99 + postage and packaging.

It has 4 compartments one with a zipper so good for your phone, bank card etc, 2 side compartments which hold a drink or baby bottle and one larger middle compartment which is great for your purse, lip gloss and keys.

It’s the answer to all my prayers, I purchased mine on eBay from a shop called Cabbage Patch Corner, very prompt delivery and excellent service!! 🙂 Available from

Chloe x


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